▼ AEM Exclusive ▼


▼ AEM Exclusive ▼

▼ AEM Exclusive ▼

Rasta vibes pon di place! Sounds of the selecta, sounds of the Mystic Pulse! Mi bredrin, dem man dem a bad man!! Ya dun know!

This rastafari has already caught the likes from FatKidOnFire, DrumNBass Net and The Illuminated. Tomorrow he’ll open the ‘Basement’ area at the almighty Subway Music XL9. He recently had a rendezvous with our reporter Michael Janiec and last but not least; he made this exclusive track for us! Go and listen right now mandem, step it up! Heads come early tomorrow night at Subway! Rasta Vibez, good vibez!

▶ You are listen to ‘Mystic Pulse – D&B Selecta’ right now!

Danny Core

November 20th, 2015

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