▼ at Afrocalypse

▼ at Afrocalypse

Afrocalypse August 22th 2014

The Afrocalypse. A tale of great myth and legend. Many people have seen both the greatness and the horrors of the magnificent and fearsome Afro that roams this planet of ravers. It was on this day, that I finally took upon myself the challenge of facing this mythical creature and celebrate it’s birthday. A daunting task indeed, for I am just a humble raver looking to write a nice cover story of it’s disreputable birthday bash. With me as always is my true partner in rave Jasper, challenged today with the equally daunting task of capturing the foul and vicious beast that is The Afro on camera.

Disciples of the Afro Ibbenz and Antideus kick off with some dark and deep vibes to get us in the proper mood. I’m right now also scanning tickets so I have to hear from a minor distance how my great friend Antideus premieres one of his own productions for the first time, and I gotta say there’s a really special vibe to it. Keep an eye on this guy because he has got it in him to be one of the post deep dubstep movement keeping the deep vibes alive in the scene. Ibbenz is something of an underground regular for a while now. Every time I had the privilege of seeing him perform he threw a great set and he doesn’t disappoint now either. The set turns grimier after a minute or 30. These two together always have a great performance and I can’t wait to see them perform again after this.

The mythical beast commonly known as Madster, accompanied by his evil sidekick Pakripaa (formerly known as Smaad & Laster) are up next, and Madster’s own badass dubstep tune ‘Pigshit’ is the first tune thrown by them. The riddim starts flowing, and the crowd slowly starts picking up on it. ‘Ransom’ by The Greys is followed by Airvalue’s ‘Blunt After Blunt’. I love it, and they’ve only been at it for 20 minutes now! They switch to halftime drum n bass after this but before we know it with the massive tune selection it’s back to dubstep with the classic ‘Warlord VIP’, followed by ‘Goin’ Back’ by Haze (Everybody loves that tune except for Haze himself – #funuselessbreakbeatfactswithelmar).

Another one of my great friends, and the ruler of the jump up shadow kingdom Trollface The Terrible, starts off with some bad ass drum n bass tunes, one of which is ‘Lights’ by The Prototypes. A while after that, it’s ‘Monolith’ by Emperor and then oooooooooooooonnnn with the jump up! This guy does jump up better than a lot of way more well known DJ’s out there. Him and Madster have got a big breakthrough coming for a long time now. It’s just a matter of time, trust me there. The crowd is really picking up on it, and before we know it, it’s time for Pythius to take over the decks. But first, it’s time for me to head into the backstage and conduct an interview with the great duo that is June Miller, and have them dish out the dirt on each other!

June Miller interview:

Elmar (E): Where did the two of you meet?
Mark (M): It was on a motorway! It was in 2003. Bart was in a punk band, we arranged a tour for him and we just went touring.

E: If Hollywood made a movie about your lives, who would you like to see play the lead roles as you?
M: Robin Williams.
Bart (B): Philip Seymour.

E: What do you think would be a fitting epitaph on your gravestone?
M: A beer bottle!
B: I don’t want to be buried. No tombstone.

E: What’s the other’s worst character flaw?
B: Throwing up! Mark has got a real problem with booze handling. HE’S ALWAYS DRINKING MY BEER, TOO!!!
M: There aren’t any! Impossible to think of one.

E: What do you think is the most essential in electronic music?
Unanimously: Repetition!

E: Which famous duo would you compare yourselves to?
B & M: Laurel and Hardy! (De dikke en de dunne)

E: What’s the best thing about the other?
M: I can always drink Bart’s beer!
B: I don’t know anything good about him!

E: Anything you wanna say to raving Holland and the readers of this interview?
M: Big ups everyone! Keep it Drum ‘n Bass.
B: Thanks for reading the interview.

E: Last famous words?
M: Keep tryin’
B: No idea!

After this fun interview, a few more beers and sharing a Kapsalon (there’s actually no English word for it) with Multiplex, I’m off to enjoy Pythius’ set. He’s making shit get darker and crazier. His drum n bass tunes are absolutely whack and the crowd is loving it too! Major skankage going on right now. You can clearly see why he was asked a while ago to open up a Blackout in Eindhoven and why he’s been going from strenght to strenght since then. Wow. Love it!

What I especially love is that June Miller are lining up to take over the decks, especially after my interview with them just ago. And boy do they not disappoint. Sick tune selection and great mixing are what’s up here. The force of the drum n bass is truly strong in them. They even throw in Running Blind of Noisia’s new Purpose EP and it’s a ridiculous tune. It’s old school Noisia the way it should be. Their tune From Autumn To Ashes is one of their owns played tonight too. The crowd is at it’s biggest right now and people are getting their skank on to this. Before we know it, it’s time for the final set of the night, and the weirdest alcohol induced interview you’ll ever read with the magnificent legend that is Mr. Multiplex, who has also been the MC all night long. This is what we talked about on the night while June Miller were going at it:

Multiplex interview:

E: What’s your least favourite animal?
Multiplex (M): They gotta be pidgeons! They’re like little lumps of disease. In Amsterdam they have a diet of fries, mayonaise and other McDonalds and Burger King food. They are flying diseases. Whenever I see a foreigner with a pidgeon on his shoulder I’m like duuude, you have NO idea.

E: Did your moustache ever get you laid?
M: Yeah I think so. It’s been a conversation starter a couple of times. I should credit at least two. Maybe three.

E: How was your day? Do you have any children or a bladder infection?
M: My day was exhilarating. I have no kids, I hope. Not that I know of. And no I don’t have any infections right now, except for my mind.

E: What’s the least useful life lesson you’ve ever learned?
M: That has to be like… Never drink old fucking milk. Don’t get milk out the fridge with half open eyes when you’re just awake and just start chugging it away. Or: mistake buttermilk for regular milk!

E: What are your thoughts on the crisis in Israël and this party?
M: I really like the party. Really nice to be part of the family and do it for Twan. Hope he’s got a good night. Let it be a true Afrocalypse! And Israël… I care but I don’t know what the fuck is going on!

E: Do you happen to own a guinea pig called Tom?
M: No, it’s a cat named ‘Shanti’.

E: Do you always have your period on the third of the month too?
M: Most of the time I get it on the twentieth, actually. Depends on which shoes I’m wearing.

E: Anything you wanna say to raving Holland?
M: Rave hard, be a junglist and it’ll save you.

E: Your last famous words?
M: Your rewards in life will always be an exact proportion to your contribution, your service! Tune in to the frequency.

So after the most random and fun interview I’ve ever conducted, it’s Multiplex behind the turntable to fuck shit up. He is playing by far the loudest stuff we’ve heard all night. Dustup by Noisia in the mix, and the incredible Barricade by Audio gets a spin, too. I’m no expert in jungle at all so when he starts the jungle I stop recognising tunes, but it’s clear why he’s the undisputed jungle king. Multiplex absolutely loves what he does and you can see him enjoying it now, too. But even the jungle has to stop one day (ask all the loggers) and at 4, it’s an unfortunate goodbye to the music.

The Afrocalypse hath been a great party. The atmosphere in this daunting night was terrific and the sets were the stuff to slay foul beasts with. The mythical Afro better throw another Afrocalypse next year and you should all come and witness it’s bassy horror.