▼ at Another Culture Festival

▼ at Another Culture Festival

AEMxKLEM at Another Culture 2014

 Another Culture Festival September 13th 2014

We went to the first edition of Another Culture Festival.
Together with KLEM Fotografie, Daan and Imke Slaats made an Another Culture Special for this event.
With this fresh new concept this had to be good!

Imke: From the moment the line-up of this festival was announced, I was absolutely sure I had to go there. Some really amazing names, so this one was going to be absolutely awesome. As we entered the Ijzeren Man and got to the Oooh Shit x Radar Records stage, Nicon was behind the decks. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Bukez Finezt, who he was supposed to be doing a b2b set with. I was a little disappointed but still very excited, so I decided to go and explore the festival terrain. It’s a beautiful location, some sort of lake in the middle, lots of trees and the terrain was a bit uneven. It was decorated beautifully, with lots of color and indeed looked like a freaky, sexy circus. Loved it!

Daan: I really had an amazing time at Another culture festival, everyone seemed to enjoy each other’s company and the setting was great. Everything on the terrain of the Ijzeren man had been decorated to resemble the atmosphere. Trees had colourful string wrapped around them, pieces of wooden plates were painted all over, everything resembled their promo video. It felt like summer vacation all over again. Chilling with all of our friends, while listening to some awesome sets. Great names took over the Oooh Shit x Radar Records stage and together with the DJ’s, I saw some fun Go Go dancer acts. They really spiced things up. Girls in rainbow outfits, along with this ripped black man with only a business suit (without shirt) and a high hat. Really amusing, the crowd loved it.

Imke: Of the five stages, the Oooh Shit x Radar Records main stage was the biggest and in my opinion, the one with the best music. So naturally, that’s where I spent most of my day. After Nicon, the day started off nice and liquid with NCT, Maduk and S.P.Y. and then a little louder with Murdock. Great way to end the afternoon, dancing your ass off to some nice drum ‘n bass with the sun shining in your face. This made us hungry and we went on a quest for food, where I was a little let down to see that there were no fries available. But oh well, life goes on, fries or not. Surrounding the food stands  was a small ‘hippie market’, that was lovely and sold some very nice stuff, but maybe wasn’t very appropriate  at a festival . Something else worth mentioning was an igloo-like tent in the middle of the festival, where you could go in and enjoy a ‘brain-machine’. Basically, you would get a balloon filled with laughing gas, a headphone with trippy music and some glasses with lights. Combine the three, sit back in your chair and enjoy yourself for a couple of minutes. Defenitely had some good times in there. Amazing idea to do this kind of thing on a festival!

Daan: Some things that bothered me however, were the sand and the volume. In the afternoon the music was so loud it felt like your eardrums were going to get perforated, while in the evening the music was turned down a bit too much. And secondly the sand, it’s a good thing I didn’t bring my best pair of shoes because it was a mess, but that didn’t killed the mood at all. Not much to complain more!  So the clock strikes 7 o’clock and after having a great time for so long, I’m getting really hungry. Too bad I only had 4 food stands to choose from. But the actual food itself was delicious.

Imke: When I was fully loaded with food, I returned to the OOOH Shit x Radar Records stage for some new vibes; Murdock, DJ Guv and Metrik. I don’t exactly remember if their sets were great and what tunes they played, but I do know that I spent a lot of time dancing. So I guess that means the music was very neat to my preferences. Even though throughout the day the place hadn’t really gotten that crowded, there was still a very good vibe. When Doctor P started his set, we decided we needed a little break and sit down at the swimming lake, just appreciating how beautiful it all looked. But after a while we couldn’t resist it anymore and went back to the stage to join the crowd.

 Daan: Even when it became a little dark, that didn’t kill the mood. Actually, it improved it. Everyone was dancing way more energetic. The crowd got more excited and bigger names entered the stage. This really felt like the start of a good party, except there is no roof above our heads. With fresh air to breathe. This day ends for me with a great set from Cookie Monsta b2b Funtcase. And without noticing it, we have been partying for 11 hours in the sand and sadly it is time for us to go home. But we are not sad, we had a great time, and we are looking forward to the next Another Culture festival!Imke: I’m sure DJ Hype is a really cool guy, but I really can’t say that I enjoyed his set. Some parts I did like, but i really did not liked his decision playing some Michael Jackson tunes during his set. Most of the time me and my friends sat on a bench and bashed his musical decisions for that night. Great times. Meanwhile we had also been to the hip-hop stage to see Dope D.O.D. perform for a bit. It was the first time that day that a crowd had started to form over there – the rest of the day that area had been quite empty. Once the 2 crazy dudes (and a replacer for Jay) from Dope D.O.D. ended, we went back to Dubstep and Drum ‘n Bass. Funtcase and Cookie Monsta were doing a closing set. As soon as DJ Hype was done, I grabbed my boyfriend and we bolted to the front of the crowd to be able to see Funt and Cookie from up close. We got what we expected: a rock-hard and very loud set. They threw in a lot of their ‘classics’, we sung along, we ‘danced’,  we went crazy and everyone had fun. At the end of their set we were exhausted and ready to go home, but very much satisfied and happy, still buzzing with the great vibes from the day. I’ll definitely be there again next year!

Quotes from some of the visitors:
 ‘I fell in love’
 ‘I really like the concept’
 ‘Where is the fry stand?’
 ‘Oooh those pits are annoying with this terrain!’
 ‘I'd like to see more food stands next time’
 ‘At the end, the music was less loud..’
 ‘My Facebook timeline got spammed with Another Culture related stuff, all day long’
 ‘They need better sound systems..’
 ‘This location is awesome!’


Concept: 8
Sound: 6
Lights/Visuals: 5
Location: 7
Accessibility: 7,5
Facilities: 5,5
Security: 10
Atmosphere: 9 

Overall Rating: 7,5


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