▼ at Bangana Invites

▼ at Bangana Invites

Bangana Invites June 11th 2016. 013 Tilburg.

Report: Hajo Krijger
Photography: jostijnligtvoet.nl

With Bangana Invites the guys of BANGANAGANGBANGERS didn’t just celebrate the release of their EP, they did something different, and very successfully so. “A boy’s dream come true!” states one of the hosts DJ’s on his social media after the show. And honestly, if you really love all kinds of electronic music, it kinda was…

Except that not a lot of people seemed to know about it. Taken in to consideration that there was a group of visitors from Hamburg and the promotion seemed to be in order, this dissapointed me. On the other side, the cozy amount of people that were present at the peak of the evening did make the event more intimate. Strengthened by the fact that some of the DJ’s were partying with the rest of us.

Whilst I’m hoping that you, the reader, is not distressed by the use of the word ‘intimate’ at a BANGANAGANGBANGERS event, let us continue to the good part.

Know V.A. had the honor of opening the evening and being introduced to him with a sentence stating that he would ‘drop experimental beats’ on me, I didn’t really know what to expect.  Starting  out with some minimal trap which made opportunity to dance widely available but not forced upon the listener. Few did. That changed when the music smoothly transisted in to a bit more upbeat Bubbling, El Alfa‘s La Pongo Fina. This shift started a seemingly endless arrangement of different genre’s of electronical music that seemed to stay consistent with the ‘You can dance, but you can also chill’ theme. For some it was a bit too experimental at times, which resulted in the amount of people in the smoking area being a two-digit percentage of the total amount of attendees. For me, it could also have been a bit more rough around the edges, with the closest to what I’d like to hear more being Know V.A.’s – Caves. But the only reason for that is because I was expecting that I would be mopping from beginning to end. It was more of a sweeping. The mixing was clean, really diverse and somehow managed to fit together neatly. A pleasant surprise was JD. Reid’s – Theory, which did a good job of starting the upwards energy slope towards the next DJ’s. In the end I realise the set’s potential, but I fear that the overall taste of it was a tad too soft.

A whole different story is Subp Yao B2B Rachel Green. These two behind the decks are madness. I think the complete shift from vibing to straight-on concrete-cracking was great, just great. Raw trap, rough dubstep, bold beats and some jump up, TC – Where’s My Money (Hedex Remix) are intertwined and mixed without any moment of doubt. B2B usually loses a bit of tightness, but fairly little of that was noticable. I gotta say, the 013’s soundsystem really is something else. It’s low frequency reproduction is something I have yet to hear defeated in a similar sized venue. This really hit me when Eprom -Beasts of Babylon was blasting through the speakers. The cracking synths and cutting sawtooths that Green&Yao used were probably heard in Bassnia and KiloHerzegovina.
So what’s Ivy Lab supposed to do? Well…

Only Sabre is representing Ivy Lab today, but booking Ivy Lab is a settled score in whichever way you turn. What made the Englishmans set so great wasn’t his flawless mixing (though it helped, but it was expected). Nor was it that he went all out in his mix. The fact that he -didn’t- made his set fit in amazingly. He knew he was the headliner, but he wasn’t the focus of the party. The focus was the final act, they had something to celebrate, so the celebrating should be saved. But this all doesn’t mean that he isn’t a fucking maniac, dropping loud a.f. tunes behind the turntables. Beats, dubstep and even a bit of footwork gets space in the mix while effortly keeping the energy intact. Sadly, because of the scarce dancefloordemographic only the heaviest tunes get everyone to dance intensively, while only the majority is dancing all the way through. Ivy Labs set comes to an energetic high point just before the BANGANAGANGBANGERS B2B Lifecycle take the stage.

The Release

But the BANGANAGANGBANGERS had something else up their sleeves for us. The release of their video for King Abbott. It was streamed from youtube, which caused some stutter. Everyone seemed to forgive the stutter, but it did take something away: when I asked people what happened in the video nobody really seemed to know. One person said they were distracted by the stutter, the other was dancing and reajusting for the stutter. It’s just too bad, but luckily Bangana’s MC, Sidney, managed to flip it with humour :”Let us continue, this time WiFi-independent!”

And they did. Opening with their track Execute, Lifecycle quickly lashed on with the Brand new BANGANAGANGBANGERS – Resurrection (Lifecycle Remix). To me this was the rudest track played all evening.  I haven’t seen an MC like Sidney before: where others spit line after line of, sometimes abstract, lyrics, Sidney uses one-liners and witty remarks. A wonky drop followed by a “Where’s Subp Yao when you need him?!” alleviates the mood and is a welcome diversion. Although the mixing isn’t as tight as it was the rest of the evening you could see the artists having fun and partying; well deserved. The set switches into jungle and frum jungle to all kind DnB. Chase N Status -No Problem takes a peek and Noisia – Diplodocus (The Upbeats Remix) was served cold. I guess I’ve had enough of the latter, although it’s a helluva tune, it has been an easy pick in almost every event I’ve been to recently. Still, always great to work your way to the end with such a banger.


This was the most diverse electronical evening I’ve ever been to. So many genres, so fluently fading into eachother. The biggest downpoint of the evening was the low amount of audience, and that really is a shame. I bet that a huge amount of fans of any kind of bass-oriented electronical music would have found something that they would’ve liked this evening. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out for events that have such a broad spectrum.

13412059_497794290416370_7645561593988645910_o (1)Click photo above to go to the photo album. Photography by: jostijnligtvoet.nl


Report by: Hajo Krijger