▼ at Breek

▼ at Breek

Breek February 7th 2015

We went to the first edition of Breek in 2015. In the ‘De Effenaar‘, Eindhoven.
Together with Joris Verleg for the photo’s and Imke Slaats for the text, we made an AEM @ Breek report for this event.
Breek is a Drum & Bass party, which offers a broad range of international quality sounds, every 2 months.

Imke: Tonight is a very special night: our very own Madster will be behind the decks at Breek! He is on the line up alongside Maztek and of course the Breek residents Chafu N Goma and Jake Handz. Not that we weren´t excited about Breek to begin with, but this addition to the line-up gets us hyped up even more! Breek isn’t the only bass-oriented party this Saturday: there’s Hardleers in Almere and a huge edition of Give It Dub in Nijmegen as well, just to name a few. However it’s unthinkable for us to skip this one so off we go, once again heading towards the Effenaar in the lovely city of Eindhoven.

As always, Breek takes place in the small room (Kleine zaal) of the Effenaar. As much as love the Effenaar as a party location, I think that the Kleine zaal slightly lacks in atmosphere compared to the big room (Grote zaal). On the other hand, in this smaller room the bar is never far away, which can be a big plus. It also has a nice balcony from which you can overlook the room and find your lost friends in the crowd, or just creepily stare down at the dancing people and look at the madness that’s going on.

Anyway, we enter the venue perfectly on time at eleven o’clock and we were nearly first in line. During the first half hour we’re technically alone in the room, I count maybe ten other people and that’s it. Maybe it’s because it’s a Saturday and there’s other big parties going on or maybe people are still pre-drinking  at home, but I really hope more people are going to turn up tonight. Despite the efforts of Chafu N Goma the small crowd that’s already there just kind of stands around and no one dares to be the first to start dancing. Luckily, after another half hour more and more people are starting to coming in, people start moving and the vibe is getting better. Even though Chafu N Goma are just opening up tonight, I think that they would make a great headliner for a party like this. They really know how to play the crowd and throw some well-known dance-able tunes but also some newer ones. At the end of their set the venue is perfectly crowded – a lot, but not too many people and still plenty of space to perform your favorite funky dance moves. Visuals have appeared on the screen behind the DJ’s and they add a really cool, sort of trippy atmosphere. Finally the party is getting started, and we can’t wait for what’s next!

Next up, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Or, at least, the moment the AEM crew has been waiting for. The man, the legend, our one and only Madster! The poor guy has been feeling quite ill but he still decided to show up and is determined to blow us away with his mad DJing skills. An hour and a half into the party everyone is hyped up and ready to go crazy! In the meantime, MC Swift has entered the building and is now up on the stage trying to get things going and add something to the vibe. Some people, including me, are not such a big fan of MC’s but MC Swift is going nicely along with the music that’s getting more and more intense, even though I think that Drum ‘n Bass doesn’t really need an MC.. Meanwhile Madster  is really bringing the atmosphere to another level! With tunes from Noisa and Mefjus. Want some ‘Sauce’ with that? He starts and finishes off strong and puts down and impressive set despite the fact that he’s not feeling great and shortened his set by half an hour. If this wasn’t even his best set, we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us at 50Hurtz on the 27th!

Then it’s time for the headliner Maztek, all the way from sunny Italy. We’ve all been anticipating his set and are excited that he’s going to play for an hour and a half. The vibe is already through the roof and it’s obvious that everyone in the room is heaving a mighty good time. Nearly everyone is dancing and Maztek is welcomed and cheered on by the crowd. There’s nothing that could happen that could ruin this night anymore and it’s clear that Maztek knows what he’s doing! Overall he’s doing a great job at entertaining the crowd as well, but at some points the music gets a little slow and some people are starting to get tired. Maztek is really trying his best but he can’t help that during a few tunes people are mostly standing still. He still pulls of a great set with some quality music  and most people are still dancing not only their faces but also their asses off. Shirts are coming of and in the middle of the dance floor you’re surrounded by sweaty bodies and faces.

The night is progressing and after Mazteks throws his last tune it’s time for the final DJ of the night, Breek’s resident Jake Handz. No matter how long they’ve already been jumping around, the crowd is still full of energy though! I myself am getting a little tired and as I leave the room to go sit down I see posters announcing the new next edition of Breek featuring DLR and Pamb & Harsh. Now that’s some good news! Back onto the dance floor we go, ready to break out those last bits of energy and give this night a well-deserved good ending. Some of the party people are already leaving but those that stay around are truly committed and react enthusiastically to every tune Jake Handz plays. He’s the perfect guy to close the night down and get that last blissful bit of energy out of the crowd. Some of the shirtless guys are now dancing on the stage like there’s no tomorrow, and everyone’s fine with it. When unfortunately the lights turn back on at four o’clock, some of the die hard party people are not ready to go home yet and just want to keep on dancing like they’ve been doing all night long.

We leave the Effenaar tired, but satisfied and already excited for the next one. The Breek residents did their job very well as always, Maztek did certainly not disappoint but could have been a little better and to us Madster really was the highlight of the night. Breek may not be the most prominent Drum ‘n Bass party but it has a special atmosphere, thanks to the quality music and a crowd that’s been nothing but great. Except for the shirtless sweaty guys, but hell, what good party doesn’t have those?

Quotes from some of the visitors:
Inge: "I danced my ass off!"
Twan: "Actually, I was already broken before it started."
Eline: "Breek equals love!"
Ingrid: "And again, it was spectacular."
John: "This is just awesome!"
Dirk: "Long time ago I got that drunk!"
Michelle: "You know it's a good party once you're already exhausted before 2:00 AM!"

Rating (7 visitors):

Concept: 8,4
Sound: 8,1
Artists: 8,3
MC’s: 3,6
Lights/Visuals: 6,9
Location: 9
Accessibility: 9,6
Facilities: 8,6
Security: 8,9
Atmosphere: 9,1

Overall Rating: 8,1