▼ with Bratkilla

▼ with Bratkilla

Bratkilla talking about returning to school and his new upcoming album!

By Michael Janiec

Currently Bratkilla is studying again, his dream is to become a history teacher. Within a few months his first album will be released, which is heavily inspired by his other big passion: gaming. Marcus Lindstrom talks about his first console (Sega Megadrive), which he got at a very young age – it really stimulated him in his quest to become a professional producer: “I was looking for something that would push me to my limits, as a gamer you are always searching to get reach beyond them.”

Michael: Can you tell us more about your decision to go back to school?
Bratkilla: “I was eighteen years old when i finished “Gymnasiet” (High-school) with not so impressive grades which held me back in my job-searching. Living off making music and looking for a part-time job proved quite hard. I decided to go back to school at the age of 22. First to improve individual subjects, by doing this I would raise my final grades and be able to pursue my career further to become a History teacher.”

So your is to become a history teacher? How come?
“I have always been fascinated by the idea how previous experiences can shape your future. All of your previous relationships and experiences create you. We can see how society has developed by the decisions which were made earlier on. Every kind of history is interesting in some way and I would really like to dedicate most of my adult life to learning about it and teaching it.”

How do you look at this as a motivation to teach others?
“I am very critical about the way the world is being directed, especially by those who lack common sense. I have a lot of compassion for other human beings, so I want to teach them how to be critical about life itself and how to improve their lives in various ways. It is amazing how our mindsets can shape our well-being, even though it can be hard at first. Teaching others how to judge sources of information (media for example) correctly appeals to me and I try to spread my knowledge on that to my friends the best I can. Without this ability people are rather restricted. Being critical about all types of information out there is a good way to sort out the wrong information with the right one, even though it can take some time, though in the end it is most certainly worth it I think.”

The new album is almost finished. Are the any specific things from history that have inspired you to make certain songs?
“Not specifically history, but I really like playing RPG games like Dark Souls and Skyrim. A couple of songs on the album have Skyrim as a base of inspiration together with Dark Souls and Metal Gear solid. Other than that the album is influenced by a lot more but it is pretty hard to put my finger on what exactly it is that inspired me throughout. I do however spend a lot of hours on video games because I find it relaxing, even though it might be Dark Souls i’m playing that most people stay away from due to its difficulty. A good challenge each day is something that keeps me sane! Scandinavian history (especially the vikings) has been a part in the inspiration on the album, I am still rather new to the subject (even though I am scandinavian) but I really find it fascinating!”

Does this also include sound samples from the game?
“You will have to wait and hear for yourself!”

Do you have examples for us?
“I cannot tell much about the album yet, but one of my favorite tracks is inspired by a dungeon from the endgame in Skyrim. You fight against the Draugrs (undead Viking warriors) and it’s made in a way, which makes it really fit into the gameplay and the atmosphere if you play the game while listening to it.”

How did you decide to release the album on the Culture Assault label and let them do your bookings from now on?
“I’ve played at a party done by Philipp Kieser a couple of years ago; he’s the label owner. I have released two tracks on his label before that (Think Twice EP). We really connected from then on and we can separate fun and business well, this has remained like this ever since. We talked about further collaborations and the idea of the album eventually came up.”

A lot of people associate the subgenre ‘deathstep’ with you. Despite of this, you said your new album is about different genres. Could you explain which genres exactly?
“I don’t want give away too much early on, but ambient will be included to some extent. There will also be tracks with piano-ish instruments on there. There’s dubstep, but also industrial hardcore. A breakcore track will be included also.”

What did you find the most challenging in composing breakcore?
“I love to have structure in my music. There’s a lot of breakcore out there which is very chaotic. In this track (on the album) I’ve combined chaos with structure. Structure is a red thread in my music in a sense, which to me makes the tracks more interesting and appealing to listen to.”

How much of the album remains true to the original Bratkilla sound?
“You can hear my signature sound in every track. For this album I have also added a lot of more classic instruments and sounds like the piano and choirs.”

There’s also a collaboration with Sinister Souls on the album. Are there more collaborations on there that you can tell us more about?
“Yes, there’s also a collab with Ivan Shopov (COOH /Balkansky).”

Great! How has this come about?
“I’ve been talking with Ivan for a couple of years, and we were planning to do a collaboration together. I sent him this track that I was working on and he finished it. I’m really pleased with the result!”

How has writing this album helped you growing as a producer?
“I play the piano since the age of eleven. Applying these skills, while working on the album, has been very helpful. The album isn’t all about pianos, but it’s a very important addition and continues to influence me to this day.”

Will there be hardcopies of the cd or will it be digital only?
“We’re looking at ways to do something extra with it, but nothing definite yet.”

Do you have an idea in which month the album might be released?
“I think it might be somewhere in April or May.”

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