▼ with T and Sugah

▼ with T and Sugah

“We recently did shows in Prague (Let It Roll) and Estonia and we are now aiming to get more shows abroad. But no worries, no crowd in the world beats a Dutch crowd!”

Interview by: Michael Janiec
Photo by: Rein Kooyman

T & Sugah might not only sound recognizable to those who like breakfast. The duo has made, and are still making big moves within the European break beat scene. Playing at parties like Let It Roll, Rampage and the recent Laundry Day says more than enough. Not just that, their tunes are getting recognized by some of the big names and labels in the genre too! We did a quick talk with Philippe and Robin about their history, their present and the promising future…

First off: Who’s T and who’s Sugah? What’s the story behind the name?
Well, actually that is quite a funny story. We started out with T and Sugah at our attic rooms (still living at our parents in those days). Philippe’s mom used to make us tea every single time we were working on tunes up there. When we decided we wanted to upload something on Soundcloud we did need a name, and it just happened that she placed some tea next to the computer right at that same moment…..

Viper Recordings. How does it feel to release at one of the most renowned labels in the game?
From day one Viper has always been a label which we absolutely loved. Almost all the artists that inspire our music have had releases on this brand. It still feels surrealistic that now we belong to the same “list” of artists.

I’m guessing this fundamentally was also possible through a lot of hard work of course, but do you guys have certain values or perhaps a ‘mission statement’, that are at the core of your attitude? Feel free to explain your shared philosophy/approach.
Basically we just do whatever we feel like doing, we don’t really have a mission statement. All we want to do is make cool music and not to be bounded by only one type of Drum & Bass. We love all types!

It has been about two months since your first release on Viper. How has the EP been received?
Even better than expected! I mean, we even got positive feedback from guys like; Pendulum, Matrix & Futurebound, Mind Vortex and Sub Focus! These artists are basically the reason why we started making DnB in the first case, so I think you can imagine what this feels like ;)

The artwork looks pretty futuristic and clean. Who made this?
The artwork was designed by Koyn, a dear friend and a fellow member of the ‘Compass Agency’ family.
It appears you play a pretty big role in Compass Agency Philippe, can you tell me more about the agency?
I am actively involved within the Compass Agency, together with one of the guys from NCT; Alexander Witschge, Wesley Langeveld, who also works for ‘Leidsche Breakbeat Community‘ and MC MVE a.k.a. Mark van Egmond as associates. We are expanding our roster with quite impressive names. Among them is MC Maksim, he will be playing an exclusive DJ-set during our new ‘Headquarters’ party on September 19th. He did MC in the Netherlands before, but this will be his DJ-debut!
We want to really help our artists through different channels and really take care of their promotion. Going the extra mile and helping them to grow is our goal.

After your set at Rampage 2015 and being signed to Viper, doesn’t it somewhat feel like reaching a plateau in the means of success? I mean, to some extent you can say you already achieved so much. What now?
That it definitely true, but we still have a loooooong way to go. Now we are going to focus on releasing more tunes, and off course, we give all of the energy we have at our performances!

Any goals for the upcoming months that you would like to share with us? If so, why this and/or that?
We recently did shows in Prague ‘Let it Roll Open Air’ and Estonia. And now our aim is to get more shows abroad. But no worries, no crowd in the world beats a Dutch crowd!

How come? How does the Dutch crowd differ?
Well, let’s just say they really like to go hard!

Can you give us a short story about how you started to work together?
We actually started out as a Punk-Rock band! This must have been 6/7 years ago. We had a great time together and when the band split up we simply continued making music. But this time we traded the traditional instruments for a computer.

Can you share your wildest experience while playing a gig? Anything goes in means of funny, bizarre or just simply unforgettable.
Robin: Well one of the funniest was definitely Philippe’s first crowd surfing experience at ‘Liquicity Festival’. He had never done this before (and wasn’t planning on doing so.) But, at the end of our set he just couldn’t resist the temptation.
Philippe: One moment that I will never forget is the night that we were playing at ‘Vera’ (Groningen). At a certain point, Robin grabbed the mic (he does that from time to time), and started hosting. The thing was however, he was yelling random stuff through the mic, no MC lines whatsoever just some small talk! But the crowd loved it, and so did I!

Can you tell us more about upcoming releases and gigs that deserve a mention?
The most exciting gig we had is ‘Laundry Day’ b2b NCT, we were going in live with Avye (vocals) Miss Nola, Stella (violin) and MVE hosted this session!
Next to that we also have a new release coming up, more info about this soon but we can’t say anything more about it at this moment…..

That’s a pretty big live performance with 7 people. How do you prepare for a show like this?
Basically we will be going b2b with NCT. The live performances are additions to this. We worked on the DJ-set with NCT. After that, we have suggested parts which could be practiced with the violin and vocals. There also will be some room for improvising during the set too luckily.

So you guys just came back from Laundry Day, please describe your experience
It was simply amazing. The tent was packed and the live performance with vocals and violin went very well. We went all the way and we even did a ‘wall of death’!

wall of death

On what tune did you do this?
A new unreleased tune from NCT and Franky Nuts.

What was the biggest challenge during this gig and what went easier than you thought?
Well, the biggest challenge was to get the whole crew of ten people to Belgium hah. The rest was pretty easy, performing live is our second nature.

Big thanks to Robin and Philippe for taking the time to talk with us. If you are in the area, be sure to check their new party concept called ‘Headquarters’, on September 19th, in Panama Amsterdam. Also do follow these guys, their tunes as well as their productions are really something worthwhile to look forward to!

Headquarters event

xoxo Michael Janiec.