▼ Presents: ABYSS #1

▼ Presents: ABYSS #1

Much Bass, many weight and some of the finest DJ’s in the scene. A night filled with enough diversity ranging from; Bass, Dubstep, DNB, Raggae, Neurofunk and lots more.Eindhoviah, we’re taking you to the next level! ✔


Leon Switch [Chestplate – UK]
RDG [Circle Vision – DK]
The Illuminated [Grand Ancestor]
Madster [AEM]
Chafu N Goma [Breek]
Mr. MT [Altered Records]
Mantra [Infernal Sounds]


■ Leon Switch (https://soundcloud.com/leonswitch)
With a career of 16 years, stemming from a musical background, Leon’s first instrument was a guitar. Performed anything from Metal to Rock’n’Roll. Started programming in 1992, his first studio setup in 1998. His debut release was in 2001 in 2002, the Dubstep-pioneers-partnership named; Kryptic Minds was born. Yes, Leon is one of the guys of the Kryptic Minds duo. Leon also has a passion for Drum and Bass! Reaching places like Australia, Hong Kong and Moscow. We are proud to say we have him in Eindhoven tonight!

■ RDG (https://soundcloud.com/rdg)
Unforeseen the impact he would make on the Dubstep genre when he first started producing in 2009.. Made his mark with releases on; Tuba and Dubliminal, this Copenhagen-based musician launched Surfase Records in 2012. 2 years later he launched Circle Vision. To accompany his efforts with Surfase. Produces his own Quality Bass Music, a solid DJ and he runs 2 record labels. We’re safe to say RDG has contributed a huge amount to Dubstep. All the way from Denmark, he’ll get your feet moving.

■ The Illuminated (https://soundcloud.com/theilluminated)
Their music reminds me of the early days of Dubstep – with inspiration from the same places as it’s forefathers. This trio may have only been producing together for a few years, but they’ve got the likes of Noisia, Icicle, Proxima and TMSV. One of their first productions; ‘Scavenger’, caught the attention of Skream and Benga on Radio 1. Quickly followed with the likes of Joe Nice. After our Heibel! invitation, we’ve asked them once again to perform! Let’s hear it Eindhoviah!

■ Madster (https://soundcloud.com/madstermusic) b2b Chafu N Goma (https://soundcloud.com/chafungoma)
A wide variety of Drum and Bass in his sets while he’s behind the decks. His collaboration ‘We got the Riddim’ with Robokop was added to the ”Best of 2014” by EDM .com. Together with the BREEK duo; Chafu N Goma, this threesome will soak up all of your energy that’s left at the final last set of tonight. It’s Drum and Bass, what ya gonna do?

■ URSUS (https://soundcloud.com/u_r_s_u_s) b2b Mantra b2b Mr. MT (https://soundcloud.com/mr-mt)
Let’s get the vibes flowing with some quality Bass-driven sounds by 2 of our friends from Krack Free. Our teddy-bear will have their back during this b2b2b set! Bass-supplies and plenty of low frequency soundscapes where you can nod your head to. Meditate on Bass weight.


Date: 25.09.2015
Time: 22:00 – 04:00
Location: Club Arcade. Eindhoven.
Damage: € 5



CLICK HERE for album (Joris Verleg)