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“Isn’t it hard to say goodbye? Why do all good things have to come to an end?
You were only 3 years old when you decided to leave us; bass loving ravers. You were a gift from God to us!
We hope you’re doing well up there.
From now on, only the memories will remain..”

Hajo, Michael and Danny went to the funeral of SAW in ‘De Effenaar‘, Eindhoven.
Together they have teamed up with Joris to create a final tribute to the unforgettable SAW nights.

(Hajo) Obscure
Upon entering the dance hall Saw’s founders, the duo Obscure, are already setting the tone of the evening. With sharp snares, cutting basslines and a trembling sub-bass the Fleming and the Dutchman make sure that nobody gets away without having a good skank. The two are not afraid of innovation; the tone of Dubstep is being alternated with some Jump Up, Garage and even a bit of Trap. People aren’t smiling, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Everyone is busy feeling the bass and living in the music. The constant stream of bass drops reaches a peak when Posij‘s ‘Artifact‘ is being played. Obscure finishes their set a bit more mellow, giving people the chance to take a short rest as Subway Music’s MC Swift gets on stage.

(Michael) Adder B2B Devnik
The undertone of sadness could not be understated. These two captains went down with the ship – proudly and with dedication, as they waved off their last SAW! A melodramatic Garage intro signaled the beginning of this end. Sweetly weeping synths, with loss and longing closely entwined. Soon enough these sounds turned into an explosion of flesh rending basslines. The tune had Culprate written all over it. A fitting choice, since his productions often overflow with emotional rollercoasters and contrast.

“These two captains went down with the ship,
proudly and with dedication, as they waved off their last SAW!”

The first part of the set contained a tribute to Dubstep, which was warmly welcomed by the already packed, early crowd. Both DJ’s – perhaps more than before – were solely focused on the task at hand. Spacey soundscapes and sturdy rhythm dictated the cooling off pace in between the chaos of saw shaped waves. Too many precious memories were bid farewell in their last set. Sadly, time waits for no one and there are still many memories to be made. Both Devnik and Addergebroed are onto quite different plans now. Devnik has founded an upcoming creative studio called ‘Fabrikage‘, while he continues working on his ‘Underslung Audio‘ label. And Adder? God knows what he’s up to..

(Hajo) Requake
“It’s all about the energy!” declares MC Swift while Requake is working the crowd with an intestinal scrambling sub-bass. The two men from Brussels certainly have a preference for the low wubs which blend into hearing and feeling of music together. Requake’s set put the emphasis on moving your body without a break. There were certainly a few bangers, but the overall experience was more of a laid-back old-school one. Nearing towards the end of their set, Requake goes into another mode: easy Jump Up and the implementation of their tracks ‘Klipto‘ and ‘Waterdrops‘ make sure Requake ends their stage time with a bang.

(Michael) Emalkay
This Dub Police soldier was at the front-line of the international Dubstep rise. Who doesn’t remember tunes likes ‘Fabrication’ or ‘When I Look At You’? His more recent work perhaps never reached the initial craze. He might come off as a somewhat faded Dubstep icon for the deep heads among us – never really returning to the previous somewhat underdog status. Dub Police capitalized on the U.S.A. Dubstep hype, this made some people see them as sellouts. Yet, it kick started Emalkay’s career into a streak of international bookings and tours. The result?

As he climbs the stage, a few nervous glances hint at a less exciting situation in the making. It’s somewhat hard not read into this, knowing his insane classics set a bar which is so hard to reach again. He’s somewhat hesitant to greet the two guys of Requake, but oozes with confidence when he finally does. Soon enough I realize my worry was clearly misplaced. OMFG. A quick succession of full force impacts sends the crowd into a frenzy. His fast paced switch up’s blend seamlessly, leaving those on E susceptible to chew off their faces on release. Many mosh pits ignite at this time, since the people are collectively and fully soaking up the energy now. The many gigs have paid off in experience clearly. Emalkay is not a force to be fucked with!

(Hajo) Phace
When Phace starts his set list, you know you’re in for some heavy dancing. His first track hits like a bomb. Rock hard Neurofunk! This is where the snares shatter bones and the bass deforms concrete. Nearly everybody’s in the vibe instantly! People lose control and start dancing in the wildest ways possible. The set list is flawless: from loud to louder, from sick to sickest. Phace keeps a steady pace, but a high pace. Classics as Phace & Noisia‘s ‘Program‘ aren’t missing, and tracks from Phace’s new album such as ‘My Mind Is Modular‘ and ‘Monochrome‘ make this set more than complete. Phace ends as brutally as he can and the crowd shouts: “This is the end!” Just one more DJ left before SAW will be buried once and for all..

(Danny) FuntCase
And oh my bloody God, what a DJ that is. Without a doubt, this absolutely is one of my 2 most favorite artists of the Circus Records label. DJ Dose started releasing Drum and Bass back in the glorious days in 2007. Got signed up at Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s label in 2010 while he was also releasing music with his alias Haze; James Hazell, better known as FuntCase. He strikes again and is going to murder you all! While wearing his infamous signature mask with a snap back on top, this highly energetic end boss doesn’t want anyone to breathe this final hour. Not even a single second! ‘Let’s Do It’.

“This is what the SAW soldiers were waiting for. ‘Angry Claws’ and ‘Gunfingers’ are all over the place!”

Together with his own MC Skydro they are feeding themselves with raw and dirty sounds, mixed with ‘filthy’ bass. This might be his secret since the 28 years old Englishman uses the ‘rage-ability’ every, Single, Set. The crowd goes full retard mode as well and there is a massive mosh pit in the middle of the wide room of ‘De Effenaar’. ’50 Caliber’ rounds are pierced through our ears and we all are gonna get ‘So Vexed’ right now. Due to the exhaustive set Phace dropped the hour before, this is what the SAW soldiers were waiting for. ‘Angry Claws’ and ‘Gunfingers’ are all over the place! There was actually no time for me, during the whole set of FuntCase, to get myself a beer or smoke a cigarette. I can honestly tell a couple of things for sure; 1. FuntCase really did strike again! 2. SAW’s funeral couldn’t get any better in not even a single way! And 3. There was a horse in the mosh pit..! Suddenly I notice MC Swift standing on top of the DJ Booth alongside some other guy while fist-pumping on Flux’s tune ‘I can’t stop‘. The moment the crowd was waiting to sing a long they both pulled off a stage dive. The whole room, from side to side and front to back, was literally one huge battlefield.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end as well.. It’s a couple of minutes before 4 when MC Swift requests MC Skydro to take a photo from the crowd together with FuntCase and MC Swift himself. For lots of people from the Dubstep and Drum and Bass scene, the adventure started right here at SAW. Only a couple have witnessed every single edition of the SAW parties that went down in ‘De Effenaar’. I still remember and probably will never forget that I went to SINE before it’s little big brother SAW got born. They say memories will fade away. Well, the memories of SAW will definitely NOT fade away. That’s for sure. Is it okay if I drop a tear?

“Rest in peace SAW, I hope we will meet again in the hereafter, once it’s my time to leave this planet.
We are going to miss you! At least, I do. xoxo Danny.”
Click photo above to go to the shots taken by: Joris Verleg

Click photo above to go to the shots taken by: Kaj Iven

Report: Michael Janiec, Hajo Krijger & Danny van Bogget
Photography: Joris Verleg & Kaj Iven