Skankerz November 29th 2014

Holy damn! The previous edition of Skankerz that Danny went to, the last weekend of August 2013 was one BIG madhouse so he had to be there again. So, today, he has offered himself to stay sober and provide a safe trip and travel down south. With a borrowed car, from the mother of this crazy Dubstep-addict they drove all the way to Bruges, AGAIN!

Danny: We’ve decided to meet up at Eindhoven Central Station and of course, everyone was a bit too late..
It was not a big a deal though, we had the time since it still was like 7:45 PM.
After a 2.5 – 3 hour drive we finally arrive in Bruges and after a shot of Tequila to start the night (1 is allowed, right?) we went inside of the venue.

Due to the delay we enter the ‘Factor’ at approximately 10:30 PM. Still 15 minutes left to get into the deep vibes of ARtroniks. He used to produce and DJ all kinds of electronic music like; Ambient, Techno and Deep House but often walked the path of the more Minimal type of music. Now, he is mainly focusing on the deeper side of Dubstep. And that is exactly what we heard when we were welcomed by his performance. Good way to lighten up the fire at a party, and yes, it’s possible to skank at Deep Dubstep but that depends on your personal definition of “Skanking”..
I noticed people are smoking blunts and I see people around the venue casually light up a cigarette. Sweet, I must have forgotten it was allowed to smoke inside the building. Should’ve bought a new pack of smokes.. The second thing that catches my attention are the types of light they have set up for this night. A great source of inspiration for future events I might host! Subtle use of light bars and a couple of “moving heads” were used to create a really cool and creative light-show.

Next up and somehow a bit too early, the man of the night: Duploc! Just a little off schedule but that’s all right!
Wobbly tunes to start his performance, just like we all expected since Duploc is not only a DJ but represents a major label that, easily enough, shares the same name; Duploc! These wobbly vibes are a good way to start up with after this deep set of ARtroniks.
So I bet that you have heard the massively hyped track by Bukez Finezt a.k.a. Butzie Futzie; ‘Under Control’. This might be a tuna that will be dropped a lot tonight but something tells me we won’t be hearing the original, massive remixes are on their way! Once we are almost out of breath by  ‘hard in da mothafucking paint’, we went straight to “Funky Town”! Tonight is going to be great!

In the meantime, Duploc is welcoming Airvalue on stage, another producer and skilled DJ from Belgium that proudly represents Duploc!
“Dubplate” after “dubplate” is blasting through the sound-system of the Factor and “Multiple Gunshots” got fired. Holy crap, both performances by Duploc and Airvalue are biiiiiig!
Last two times I’ve experienced Airvalue was at RocketFuel and 50Hurtz’s ‘rave edition’ and both times were awesome. Airvalue has one of the genres I really dig and of course, the “Dikke Taarte” that we all recognize could not, not be dropped. EY! EY! EY! DIKKE TAARTE!
It is not even close to midnight and the venue is getting destroyed with BASS already! With more than 6 hours to go until the end of SKANKERZ, I am 9001% sure that this is going to be a wild night, just as we needed!

Although it was allowed to smoke inside, I had to cool down and go outside for a few minutes while Point.blank starts his set.
I was somewhat not aware about what to expect, although he is one of the artist that has pioneered the filthy Dubstep sound in Belgium, started off as a couple, now there is only one person left. Matar at the controls for these 45 minutes!
His ‘hard-as-nails’ sounds, inspired by the much appreciated and respected Borgore, Getter and even big boss Eptic are clearly present throughout this performance. Big ups!
At the previous Skankerz that I went to, his set was not as big as it is now! Let’s order some ‘Shishkabob’ right away!
I really dig the sounds that Doctor P, Eptic are famous for. And since it was ‘allowed’ ‘Smoke MarijuanaLike a boss’!’ Hehe, not too much of course.. Don’t worry mom!

Butzie ‘Sweetyboy’ Futzie up next!
This producer and DJ from Cologne is one of Germany’s most active Dubstep producers. Bukez Finezt started his journey in the mid 90´s and is still standing with both feet on the solid foundation of bass music! He certainly has everything Under Control and proves this every single time. Pure German talent and a perfect example of how to push personal boundaries by doing the things you love!
Yes, you all better quote that right now.. Some unintentional and somewhat motivational words for all you little rascals!

It’s awesome to see how many people from the lands of Nether are coming over to Bruges, just to attend this event. Real die hard fans supporting the scene! Ain’t music a wonderful thing?
After some highly attractive dance-moves I notice this big guy from Amsterdam wearing a ‘Resist’ shirt so I had to *High Five*, big ups! For tonight, I’ve decided to wear the ‘Death Squad 2’ t-shirt by ‘Karimooo’ himself to, shall we say;  support our locals, right?
Enough fan-girling for now, back to SKANKERZ!  “What’s that coming over the hill?”  Yes! No doubt about it! It IS a ‘Monster!’ Another massive and exclusive “Duploc” track, what a track!
And why the hell not?!  Another Under Control REMIX, BUKEZ FINEZT AKA GERMANY’S NEXT TOP WOBBLE, be proud! WOIII this one is HEAVY!

When the left side of the stage caught my attention during some more variations of my excellent and highly charming dance-moves, including multiple 360 degree rotations. Flawlessly executed by yours truly; Me.. I notice Shiverz ‘Da Butcha’ is looking through the crowd like he was looking for someone. Maybe LOST was… lost? (I made a funny!) They were scheduled up next for a back 2 back session so he better be there since we all are expecting a lot of awesome stuff from LOST!
After the big big big steamboat horn from Under Control that instantly manages to deliver a good amount of testosterone and adrenaline that helps the crowd to give that extra pulse of energy, Shiverz dares to mix in some Jump Up tracks.. Definitely not what anyone expected and they certainly don’t accept this odd transition. Luckily for the SKANKERZ crowd, Shiverz notices the crowds reaction and the Jump Up ended rather quick after 2, maybe 3 tracks. Chop chop chop -> back to Dubstep! I wasn’t really amazed by Shiverz and this little “miscalculation” confirmed it for me so I went out to blow of some steam and smoke a cigarette during a little chitchat with some of our southern neighbors that had the same opinion about the sudden vibe-killer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jump Up but this is not the right time and place!
During my little break I notice 3 kids at the other side of the fences that were meant to mark and close off the outside smoking area. 1 of the kids was lifting up the fence to help his friends crawl inside and avoid the regular entrance.. Free party for them isn’t it? No security guard was nearby so they got away with not paying for a ticket like we all did..

When I got back I hear ‘Make My Whole World’ by the one and only Trolley Snatcha. Still love that tune! Memories! Skankerz where you at?!
It was time to show me your ‘Gunfingers’!  Massive tune by Trampa ft. Slick Don.
The pun-game is going strong today!

Here’s a message from a galaxy far away: ‘May Da Force be with you’! Lots of people were waiting for a starship filled with dubs! And so it landed..
If you are familiar with ‘Star Wars’ you should recognize their outfits. Where are we at this moment? People are loosing control over time and oh my days, what a filthy, fat, disgusting big ass ‘Jabba’ they blasted through the speakers.
I was looking from the balcony for a while when this huge performance was going on. Even here on the balcony the crowd is going nuts on the melodies these intergalactic guys play out!
Whisper’, 50 Carrots free to download tune did the best when I was looking at the higher deck of the venue.
Once I’ve took a walk to the outside area of the ‘Factor’ I see an Ambulance comes over and picked up a girl who didn’t felt so well. I believed it was from another party going on in the venue.
During the last minutes of Da Force, I wanted to see the opening of Obey and Styn at the top. The room was not really that crowded at the last minutes. But that doesn’t have to matter the party is not going on anymore.
It was still a big mess to see everyone skank at the skanky bass lines that overwhelmed this night.

Chop chop chop, it’s time for Obey b2b Styn! They open the set pretty freakin’ ‘Chronic’ if you ask me!
It was a typical ‘Monsters’ set that we all know but it went all ‘Smoggy’ when they teased the intro of their very own remix of: Bommer & Crowell – Yasuo. VIP! It was already the 4th time that this big ass chuuune got layed down but it didn’t really matter because it’s a HUGE one!
When me and my lovely company notice that loads of people went homewards as soon as Da Force finished we realized this awesome night is almost coming to and end… So we decide to enjoy every last minute of it before we get back in the car for a long but satisfied trip back north!
Da Force still manages to get the crowd hyped up after the previous madness!
Obey and Styn, and actually lots of the ‘Monsters’ members, drop a lot of videogame-samples like Mario, Luigi and even Zelda! Or is it Link? Oh wait I see! “It’s a me, Mario!” Hahaha, love it!

Time to lift it up one last time! It’s time for the man Dash Total‘D!
The final hour of SKANKERZ and I was getting pretty freakin’ tired to be honest, thinking about the fact that I am responsible for a safe trip home. I decided to take it easy and have a little chat with our friends, representing ‘Dubtrip Events’. As they organized a bus trip to this event with a lot of people from Rotterdam! Pretty sweet, right?!

Dash Total’D closes the night with an awesome deep selection that he managed to fit perfectly after all this madness that went on earlier. Perfect to end this night, hats off for pulling this off.
Original and lovely Dubstep tracks like ‘Africa’ from ‘The Others’ got played and as we all know… ‘The jungle is massive!’ Booyakah!
Half past 5… Time to get our party crew together and head to our car. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it until the end of the event without becoming too tired but for me (and hopefully everyone else!), safety for my passengers, the car and myself is way more important!
Time to travel straight to bed after this satisfying night in Belgium. SKANKERZ once again delivered a night that we like to call; “AS IT SHOULD BE!”

Dubtrip Events’ wanted to say a few words as well. This is what they’ve had to say:

It all started with organizing a trip with friends to Elements Festival on the 27th of august. This was a huge festival with the biggest and hardest DJ’s on a sick stage of Skankerz in Antwerp’s City Flow. DJ’s like Shiverz, Point.black, Macky Gee, DJ GUV and Dub Berzerka performed on this stage. When we arrived on the festival, we saw a huge banner of Skankerz invites Duploc. We totally went crazy when we saw this massive line up. That’s when we thought, we must ensure that more people are coming to this sick party. So more people will get involved with the underground sounds of these producers and DJ’s. In the Netherlands we don’t have this kind of party’s with these sick line-ups, so we organized a bus trip from Rotterdam (NL) to Bruges. We had set up a Facebook event page through Dubtrip Events and invited all our friends and followers to look if there were more people interested in this trip. In a few days we had many good responses at this bus trip, so we decided to get this real. When everything was falling in to place with the ticket selling and when the bus was confirmed we were ready to go!

On the day of the event we were a little bit nervous because this was our first event that we organized. We told everyone who bought a bus ticket to be ready at 7 o’clock at Rotterdam Central and that the bus will leave at half past 7. Whether you’re there or not! Everything went well and everybody was on time. We gave a little introduction how everything would go and what the conditions were. We took our posters and flyers of our event ‘Night Grinderz’ and spread them around the bus for some shameless self-promotion. We started the party already in the bus when we plugged in the USB with some bad ass Dubstep and Jump-Up mixes from Shiverz and Jack The Ripper. Everybody had a drink and smoked some. When we finally arrived at club Factor we had a easy access because the organization knew that we came with this party bus. The organization gave the people that didn’t had an entrance ticket a discount because they liked our trip. Duploc was spinning the decks by the time we all got inside. Everybody went completely crazy when they heard these crazy tunes. After Duploc, Airvalue spinned the heads of with one hour pure craziness with hot tunes like ‘Dikke Taarte’ and ‘Invasion’. After Airvalue came Point.blank with a commercial but still skanky set. After Point.blank it was time for the German next top wobble AKA ‘Bukez Finezt’. He’s very known in the Dubstep scene in the Netherlands and Belgium. He performed on huge stages like Subway and 50Hurtz. Every time he spins he always knows to bring everybody that party feeling. After Bukez Finest, Shiverz and LOST went b2b and gave everybody a massive set with heavy double drops and deep sounds. Next up went the galactic couple DA FORCE. They gave us an insane set with the thickets tunes, double drops and intergalactic power. The people of the party bus couldn’t believe their ears when they first meet this kind of force. This kind of dubstep was far behind of what they expected. Next on stage were Obey and Styn and dropped this huge tune from Bommer and Crowel – Yasuo (Obey and Styn) VIP. We couldn’t believe those incredible sounds and bass lines when we heard that tune and neither did the crowd. Footage of this moment can be seen on the page of Dubtrip Events. Last but not least went Dash Total ’D AKA D2. He spinned just as insane as his tunes. He finished the massive party with some earth quaking Jump-Up.

When the party was ending and all the jackets were found at the wardrobe, the party bus was waiting to pick us up and bring us safely back to Rotterdam Central. We took plenty of posters and flyers of Skankerz for our travelers as a little extra. When everybody was in the bus we counted the heads and left Bruges. When we asked everybody what they thought about the party there were speechless. On the trip back home we put up some deep Dubstep tunes and rehabilitated from the party. When we arrived at Rotterdam Central everybody was happy about everything. We experienced this trip from the beginning till the end as amazing. More people from Holland should know about these massive parties and we are going to bring this kind of party’s closer to the Dutch people. There’s a new bus trip planned to Quake (Monsters vs. Duploc) eventlink, link to the bus over here. On Friday the 20th of February. For the people who don’t want to go all the way to Belgium we have our own party with DJ’s like Shiverz, Obey and Styn on the 23th of January in Rotterdam. We hope to see you there on this one.

Dubtrip Events

Everything has to come to an end.

And so does our little adventure to Skankerz.
It was huge, it was massive, it was awesome. See ya next time you crazy skankheads!

Much love from the All Electronic Music Headquarters!
Whenever you miraculously bump into anyone of the AEM crew-members, don’t be shy and come say “Hi”.
We would love to meet every single one of you and promise to be nice! Yeah, even that big scary/hairy/grumpy fella promises not to bite!

Rating (5 Skankerz):

Concept: 9,2
Sound: 8,5
Artists: 8,4
Lights/Visuals: 8
Location: 9
Accessibility: 6,8
Facilities: 7
Security: 7,7
Atmosphere: 7,4

Overall Rating: 8,8