▼ at 50Hurtz x Major League

▼ at 50Hurtz x Major League

 50Hurtz x Major League November 7th 2014

We went to the latest edition of 50Hurtz x Major League in De Melkweg, Amsterdam.
Together with KLEM Fotografie, Daan Slaats, Ruben van Leusden and me, Danny Core made an 50xML Special for this event.
When . Does. The. Hurting. Stop?!

Danny: Nearly every 2 months, there is a little earthquake going on somewhere around the canals of Amsterdam.
When I say 50, you say..? Yeah you’re goddamn right: HURTZ! Every now and then, 50Hurtz teams up with Major League for total chaos and destruction!
So, last weekend, November 7th was the date when this big ass fatso went down in the Melkweg (Milky Way) in Amsterdam.

At the start of our trip to Amsterdam, we’ve picked up the boys from the Illuminated. They live in the same city as we do so going to a party by car is way better than going by Public Transport. The deepheads from Eindhoven did need to go by train if our big bear friend Ruben, who also got something to say later this report, wasn’t so friendly to drive us all. After an hour and a half, provided by taxi-service ‘Ursus’, we parked our car near the venue of the Milky Way.

While walking down the street towards the venue we walk into a massive line standing in front of the doors already! Just like I expected, because the fans went crazy on Social Media. Especially on Facebook for this event. In the queue we hear people talking about another event that is going on in the Milky Way and thanks to that, 50xMajor has a delay of about 20 minutes..  When entering the 50Hurtz room I see a big plastic sail on stage. At first sight it seems like some kind of tent or balloon… Mega Mindy? Who knows?

When Daan Slaats, Jasper van Roessel (our photographer) and I get back from backstage I see what the plastic sail exaclty is. It’s way better than a tent! I’ve never seen this at a 50Hurtz show before and this is like the 10th, maybe 11th time I visit one of them. It’s a humongous inflatable skull. 50Hurtz uses a skull as their ‘mascot’ in different colors everytime.
This is a whole different level of awesome than they normally have. No visuals this time, only the big ass skull, which looks amazing!

Daan wanted to help me out with writing the report of this crazy night full with bass so his part was to look out, dance and especially enjoy the second room, the OZ (Oude Zaal) with the Major League part of tonight.
Daan: “I am honored to be in presence of this much talent at the backstage area of the Milky Way, some of my favorite DJ’s are here. But I can’t get distracted, I’m heading downstairs to check out what the party is looking like, once we’re in there is one thing that stands out a lot; The fat skull on stage, that thing must have been 2/3 meters. Sick!
The OZ starts at 12 o’clock so I’ve got an hour spare time to listen to the 2 guys from The Illuminated.
We strike midnight and I’m getting ready to go to the OZ.  5 hours of dark DnB, here I come!”

My brother from another mother, our driver and also teddybear Ruben ‘Ursus’ van Leusden wanted to say a few things as well about tonight starting of with The Illuminated:
Ruben: “For me, this is the best way to start a night. These guys lay down a proper foundation when it comes down to basslines, vibes, energy and next level double drops. The crowd at 50Hurtz surprises me by actually accepting the deep dubstep and wobbling to the beats. Allthough they definitely are waiting for, what they call, “harder shit”.
The way everyone goes crazy on the more aggressive tunes as “Kaiju – M16” confirms once again, 50Hurtz aint all about the 50Hz tones.. Not quite!
A proper introduction for The Illuminated can be found at last report, as we did an hilarious interview with these great gentleman from Eindhoviah.”

Danny: I wonder what is going on in the other room right now, the Major League part.
When entering the room I see it is pretty crowded over there and nearly no one is standing still.
There are even people on the balcony going crazy allready, and this night has only just started!
MC Swift is taking over the mic and while he does where he’s good at I hear Bassnectar – Upside Down blasting through the speakers of the ‘Oude zaal’ of the Milky Way.

Daan: “Pamb & Harsh are already playing and opening right from the very moment the doors open, the OZ is full as can be. The first track hits our ears and everybody is already jumping up and down, this is gonna be a promising night! I can tell people actually came here for Major League, not just the dubstep.
The OZ in the Milky Way is as it should be, and as it is expected, dark. And with the killer tracks blasting through the speakers that’s actually perfect. It creates a good atmosphere, hard but dark. Exactly what the people want in this room.
We’re 45 minutes in and the OZ is about to explode, tune after tune and everybody’s going wild. Tracks like ‘Airborne’ by Audio and, although it’s just the beginning, some killer Jump Up tunes are being played and the crowd wouldn’t want it any different.
Pamb & Harsh are killing it!”

Danny: An half hour of crazy Drum and Bass and even Jump Up passed by and it is really starting to eat brain. Well, not literally but Major League has invited Eatbrain records for tonight and lots of people are waiting on the 2,5 hour set of Mindscape b2b Jade.

By the time I went back to the Max, the room where 50Hurtz does their thing, and knowing Distance is behind the decks right now. I also knew that Distance is one of the artists that Ruben likes and this persuaded him to go with me.
Ruben: “Distance stepping up. Time to take off my shoes and dance in a circle! “CHESTPLAAAAAAATE!”
There are some moments during nights like these that I almost completely loose myself. The rest of the crowd doesn’t seem to understand my enthusiam but that’s allright; More room for us to go absolutely insane!
After Distance, there is not much for me to enjoy so excuse me for not writing as much as you’d like to read.. A man has to blow off some steam every once in a while, right?
This man, Distance.. He sure knows how to build a massive castle of destruction on top of the solid foundation that The Illuminated provided. Doing what he and Chestplate stand for; Deeper, Darker, Dubstep!
Hearing some awesome new tracks like Straight UP, all coming together with some of the heaviest “CHUUUNES!” we know. Yes!
Big ass smile on my face during this set.
Distance, cheers!”

Danny: The moment P0gman was about to begin it seems like a lot of the people that were in the Major League room moved back to the Max. Like Ruben said; the crowd wants to go full throttle!
My thoughts about a night like this is that it has to start with some of the finest Deep Dubstep and dark vibes. People cannot go hard for 7 hours long!
The line up started with “mellow” dancing and the deeper stuff and went in the complete opposite direction at this skankset of P0gman. In approximately 10 seconds the half of the room was a total chaos with a mosh pit in the middle!
One thing that was not really pleasing me that much was that the volume was way to high. It was hurting my ears actually. After half an hour of the P0ggy-sounds I decided to drink a beer and have a chat backstage, where I ran into Jasper so we sit down and see a few shots he made with his camera.

While I sit down for a minute and enjoy an ice-cold Jupiler, Daan was checking out the Major League room:
Daan: “Pamb & Harsh opened this night extremely well, but now it is time for Disphonia! The 2 guys that are Disphonia get on stage and I’m ready, lights change a bit and the atmosphere gets a little more relaxing, maybe Disphonia saves the hard stuff for last? People start sitting down at the sides, not as many people are dancing as before and they’re certainly not dancing as energetic as before. I think people gave everything already at Pamb & Harsh and need a little breather. The room is getting a bit more empty, but at least that gives us a little room to breathe.
The relaxing part is about to change and the guys from Disphonia are starting to drop some really dark but hard tunes. The crowd is getting more energetic by the second. There are even moshpits are starting to appear, and in general the whole room is a big mess. People are standing on stage and the atmosphere is back! Madness!
20 minutes left until Disphonia has to make room for already the last set of tonight.
The people know it, things are getting rougher and rougher in here. The last track Disphonia brings us is ‘Violence’ by Teddy Killerz. But I’m not sad, I enjoyed this act, and I’m even more than ready for the next artists: JADE B2B MINDSCAPE!”

Danny: Sadhu, the crazy German climbs on stage and does the ‘gunfinger-move’ next to P0gman.
After the previous 50Hurtz, the Facebook event got spammed with a request for Sadhu to play. Well.. this time the request got fullfilled and the whole room went crazy, Sadhu dropped the bass literally!
Is the building tearing apart is it just the cracks begin to show? The amount of VIP tunes this big guy from Salzgitter plays is over 9000!! Sadhus tuna; ‘Baptism of Fire‘ and Excisions & Space Laces’s ‘Bounce VIP’ are the tracks that deliver total chaos from front to back!
Suddenly a wild Karimooo appeares behind the huge skull on stage and is viciously watching behind the allmighty Sadhu.
In about 10 minutes it is time for even more destruction. I think this might be the last hour the Milky Way survives the brutality.. Shit’s about to get down.

While Sadhu is tearing apart the Max room, Mindscape is doing a MAJOR back 2 back set with Jade. Daan is ready for the longest set of tonight and this is his adventure:
Daan: “Everybody is hyped, for the last act of tonight, 2,5 hours of these 2 geniuses, let’s do this!
Moshpits are still every days business it seems, and at times the moshpit is getting this big, the whole OZ is pushing and pulling. What an energy!

There is one thing I must point out, that kinda ruined things, the strobes ruined the effect the OZ was creating with all the darkness it had going on. Personal preference, but still something worth noting. It didn’t bother me too much of course as the sound of tracks like Abyss by the Prototypes are entering my ears, almost causing eargasms.
The crowd is keeping calm a bit, all of a sudden it seems as if everyone danced a bit too hard and have to take a little break. It stays this way for about 15-20 minutes until a backspin on a remix to Ragga bombSkrillex… will this be able to get people move again?

The answer: A little. There is definitely more movement than before but this isn’t really what this crowd is capable of. But what Ragga bomb can’t do, Audio and Calyx & Teebee can, with ‘Ultron‘ and ‘Strung Out VIP‘. It looks like everybody got themselves a breather, a smoke, a bathroom-break, and everyone is ready to go! Also, what might have helped a little, is that someone finally got the best idea: put a pretty girl with little clothes on stage and people are starting to move again!
Mindscape drops one of his own remixes, ‘Mindfeeders’ by Dom & Roland. The crowd is loving it! The last 30 minutes of this evening in the OZ are upon us. Once again the crowd is tired, and 2,5 hours is a bit long for just one set. Even back to back. The last couple of minutes, ‘Black Sun Empire‘, ‘Audio‘ and ‘I Am Legion‘ are doing well with the crowd every single time at a party. Everybody is singing and dancing. Everyone is forcing themselves to go nuts for the last couple of minutes.

Whether we like it or not: everything must come to an end…
I hope to see Major League in the Milky Way again real soon but they first have another party next weekend November 15th in venue: Het Paard van Troje in The Hague. Eventlink over here. Or, maybe you will visit the next show in Amsterdam? Eventlink over here. Thank you guys from the line up, and the guys from Headfirst. See you next time, I’m gonna go listen to another hour of the one and only rasta demon before I get back in the car.”

Danny: The rasta demon, a.k.a. Karimooo captured his spot where he belongs, the last hour(s) of a party. Especially a party like 50Hurtz.. Karimooo’s ‘Death Squad‘ shirt is one really hot item to wear. At nearly every party where I go to, someone wears it. For this edition of 50Hurtz x Major League he made a new one called: ‘Death Squad 2‘ ‘A 50Hurtz x Major League special by Karimooo’.
Tonight was the night people were able to get his or her pre-ordered shirt, made by a really talented, original artist, designer and DJ. For the ones who are interested, I heard someone called ‘Karim Batoun’ say there are also posters coming of ‘Death Squad’. Seriously I want the first edition! DIBS! SHOTGUN!

Whoever has seen Karimooo perform before, knows how shit will hit the fan. At the ‘Outer Bass‘ party we did some time ago, the Rasta Demon did a great job once again! The best present of my birthday was him. I took Karimooo home with me.. and that’s where the magic really happe… okay… too much detail..?
Karimooo knows how to play with his fans and he loads in Original Sins tune ‘Therapy’.

Normally I think a mosh pit doesn’t really fit the Bass-genre but at sets like this, they have to be there! Whether you like it or not. Go hard or go home!
Mr. Multiplex, the ginger moustache and 50’s resident mc; MC Tjek are going mental together. Jumping on the DJ Booth, hyping the crowd up, hyping eachother up. A golden combo!
The whole set Karimooo did, reminds me of the mixtapes that he has uploaded on his Soundcloud. The past hour and a half went nuts! Final tune for tonight. Karimooo lays down the wobbly track ‘Pipe Dream’ by Eprom. What a night. What a show!

50Hurtz still hurts..
When . Does. The. Hurting. Stop?!
Well, this is a pain I enjoy, 50Hurtz is a party you really need to go to if you haven’t been there before. Even if you’ve been there before, you should go again, and again…

Together with Major League.. Wow!  Time to head home and get some sleep.
It was awesome!

Quotes from some of the visitors:
 ‘Give us a better lightshow!’
 ‘You miss a lot if you are not here right now’
 ‘Shit was going down’
 ‘Delicious edition, good atmosphere, music was hard but the security were a b*tch’
 ‘The security was a bit of a nut job, but I had an amazing night’
 ‘This edition has reached my top 3 parties!’
 ‘I never have a problem with the security though..’
 ‘2 great parties together, awesome, MC's and the DJ's were tight’
'Major Hurtz more then 50'


Concept: 8,7
Sound: 7,8
Lights/Visuals: 6,7
Location: 7
Accessibility: 7,8
Facilities: 7,2
Security: 5,2
Atmosphere: 8

Overall Rating: 7,8


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