▼ at We Are Electric #2

▼ at We Are Electric #2

We Are Electric November 15th 2014

We went to the second edition of We Are Electric in the ‘Klokgebouw‘, Eindhoven.
Together with KLEM Fotografie, Lars Weijtens, Kaj Mellor and Danny Core made an We Are Electric Special for this event.

­Danny: The first We Are Electric was a big success and I really was looking forward to the second edition!
At this major event, people who like all kinds of electronic music, from all around the country and even foreigners, went to Eindhoven to witness this event in the ‘Klokgebouw’. In my eyes, one of the best locations in the Netherlands and.. right around the corner of the ‘AEM HQ’!

Down at the ‘Klokgebouw’, I met up with Kaj and he told me: ‘With a last minute call I jumped on a train to the capital of electric that night. Eindhoven was the place where a good 2 to 4000 people would come together and see their favorite electric heroes. I was just one of them because after a brain smashing set off Gesaffelstein on Lowlands 2014 I needed a new dose of his music. So my place to be was the Ecstatic Stage for that night with headliners like; The Subs (live) , Zombie Nation , Gesaffelstein , De Sluwe Vos and many more.’

I have a list of artists I would not want to miss so let’s start off with Adder(gebroed), from the bass label ‘Underslung Audio’.
Only 1 week before We Are Electric was about to start, Addergebroed was added to the line up to open the Ecstatic stage.
One thing I enjoyed to see were the visuals behind this handsome fella goes by the name of Adder.
Industrial style with chain, a big rotating fan and smoke came out of the pipes at the sided of the stage. Amazing!
This is going to be a long night since the party started at 8:00 PM and will end around 7:00 AM. That’s like 11 hours of madness, if you were there from the start though. ‘Underslung Audio’ is an independent bass music label founded by ‘Devnik’ hailing from the lands of nether. They strive to provide you diverse, refined and profound ground shaking BASS music. And so did Adder. Jesus, the night has just begun and the ground was already shaking. From ‘No Good’ of ‘The Prodigy’ he went to a surprisingly choice of ‘Flat Beat’ from ‘Mr. Oizo’.
Good way to start of the night!

Lars: From the moment we left the pre-party we attended, the night already was a success. There was no queue to be spotted which normally is the case with parties in ‘het Klokgebouw’. After the ticket control and a secure body search we noticed that it was still very quiet with the fact that we actually came late (missed out on the first artist of the evening). We were able to fix a locker and drink tokens immediately without being in a queue as well! After we made our way to the Magnetic room where at that very moment Kypski LIVE was playing. The Magnetic room was almost entirely empty besides us and four others so we decided to check out the Ecstatic room where The Subs LIVE were performing. This room was more crowded than the room we just came from, which gave us the party feeling we were looking for to kick start our night. We were there with a group of around twenty people and split up directly after entering what always happens when you go with such an amount of people. The Subs LIVE was splendid. Immense interaction with the audience. One of the coolest moments was when the singer went through the room on a circular board lifted by the audience, he kept straight while doing so and while surfing around on the board he had his mic with him. It was a very unrealistic scene. The sit-down was also one of those moments which I will never forget. He ran through the room while everyone was crouching down, amazing.

Danny: After the ground shaking set of Adder I went down to hang out in the smoking area for a minute and after that I went on an explore tour and I came to realize every room is getting more and more crowded by the time of 10:30 PM. After my tour and I checked every room I went back to the Ecstatic stage to see The Subs. Actually I didn’t knew this act so I was going to get surprised of what they have in store for the crowd. By the time, this room was filled up with people the most. First thing I see when I was checking out this energetic act, the guys from ‘The Subs’ were dressed in colorful costumes and the lead singer had a voice changer at his mic. Their own songs like ‘The Face Of The Planet’ and ‘Kiss My Trance’ did good. There were no visuals at this show. But that wasn’t really necessary because these energetic people did a show by themselves! The lead singer was literally standing on the crowd and did a crowd surf after. Did a major sit-down with the crowd and well… ‘FUCK THAT SHIT!’ Due a technical problem with the keyboard, their show ended a couple of minutes before they had actually planned.

In the smoking area I see Kaj again and during the chill-out he told me: ‘In the early hours I did not expect a crowding as was seen with The Subs. These guys just knew what to play and what to do to get the crowd going. By performing live these Belgium’s just showed us Dutchies how it’s done. With bass bangers from there albums ‘Hologram‘ and ‘Decontrol‘ we went mental. Too bad that due to a technical error, there show ended a few minutes short.’

Just a few steps back to the Magnetic stage, Roni Size Reprazent was also doing a live set together with their own MC; Dynamite MC and Onallee. A set full with liquid-ish Drum and Bass, really smooth and tender. I was hoping for a bit more bass though, due to the sets I’ve seen already before the set of Roni Size. Jungle, Liquid and smooth Drum and Bass vibes got played through the major sound system the Magnetic stage had.
Tracks like ‘Brown Paper Bag’, ‘Dirty Beats’ and their remix of ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ should get the crowd warmed up for what’s coming more this night.

“REAL TRAP SHIT”! It’s time for UZ. But.. who is he? Or is it a she? Only a few people know who the real person behind this golden mask is. For the outsiders, no one knows! Dressed in a black hoodie this person is hiding itself from the real identity. From Liquid vibes straight to the bosses of Trap-music. Bass, Bass, and more bass is seriously blasting through the speakers right now. The whole hour UZ is steppin’ up the game, the crowd is going nuts at the tunes this unidentified person is dropping In the best building of Eindhoven. ‘UZ’ has also found our very own Dutch guys from ‘Yellow Claw’. Their tune together with ‘CesqeauxIBETCHU lose your mind when the “BWROOOP” beat drops.

Lars: After The Subs, Zombie Nation was next up in line. I honestly didn’t know what to expect since I only know Zombie Nation from the immensely popular track back in the 90’s ‘Kernkraft 400‘. (The same track that gets played in the PSH arena whenever they score) But before their show began I headed out the Electric room to get a quick glance of Mike Mago together with a friend of mine because we used to be big fans of ‘Boemklatsch‘ and Mike was a part of that very same so said group. He turned out to be spinning some basic house, not as special as Zombie Nation so we headed back for the Ecstatic room hoping we hadn’t missed much from their show. Once entering the room we got overwhelmed by a wave of festivity. With certainty I can say this is one of the few electro sets I have ever seen that gave such an energy as Zombie Nation did. Pure awesomeness!

Subsequently it was time for 2MANYDJS to get on stage. Having them seen four times before I knew what treat I was in for. And I was right. Now before I get into the juicy details they started off a bit bumpy, loads of backspins and even more anticlimaxes. Only after ten minutes they seemed to have find themselves warmed up and that’s something we all witnessed. It was an hour filled with energy and banter. Everyone around me was pulling a gigantic smile while dancing and together with everyone else we kept looking for the next drop to hit. Friends I was with at this very time wanted to stay in the back of the room because Gesaffelstein would start in a few minutes and the room started to crowd up. It got so crowded that at one point you literally couldn’t even turn. I actually wanted to check up on Gesaffelstein from a close view so decided to head to the front of the room together with my friends and endured it for a whole twenty minutes….

Danny: Kaj told me he walked back in the Ecstatic stage just after a beautiful set from Rudimental. All he could do was go with the flow and be amazed. The audience was just as rugged as the music. Jerking and freaking every which way to a point that fell just short of a full-on mosh-pit. Techno, house, deep, minimal, none of the labels we use matter. It was dark, brooding, bass-heavy music that’s not created to make you smile. It is created to make you move. Dark and atavistic dance is the name of the game and Gessaffelstein is the reigning prince of it.  He will not be abdicating any time soon. Satisfied by the Frenchman he could only say that this was the right place and the right time to lose control.

Lars: Gesaffelstein fell short to my expectations. It could be the case that I expected too much of them beforehand, but Gesaffelstein just didn’t lived up to any of it. A friend of mine made the following statement: “Well, it is basically just letting one track play after another building up slowly towards a drop to do it all over again over and over.” And I agreed to that. Finally, it really seemed like he didn’t care about his performance anyway. Maybe because he still had another show to attend or had something else on his mind but eventually that shouldn’t influence your performance as an artist.

Because Gesaffelstein disappointed so much, we left earlier as planned to go see A-trak in the Ecstatic room.
And wow, was I happy I made that decision. This guy’s spins the decks with such an amount of energy it’s just unbelievable. The whole room was literally going crazy and moment after moment you felt the room reaching to a new and higer level of euphoria. Half way through his set A-trak dropped in some trap music after which he bumped up the BPM to a very danceable killing electro sound. Overall it was an amazing set, especially for a few friends of mine who had been waiting for some trap to come by besides UZ.

Luckily Noisia took care of the longing for some bass weighted violence that night. Disappointed at first because only one out of the three members of Noisia came to perform but made up for it once he started playing. What an incredible and most of all devastating set! In contrast to the Noisia I witnessed in ‘het Klokgebouw’ another time the sound all over was way better and didn’t smash your ear to pieces to a point where it wasn’t fun anymore.

A bit of a shame, in my opinion, was that Pendulum came right after Noisia. On a night like this you expect a lot of musical variation and it just itches to go see other artists if you hear one genre of electronic music for too long. So I stayed putt and went for Pendulum in the end while some of my friends went off to go see Dr. Lektroluv. Sadly to see that it was in fact a DJ-Set instead of a live performance it didn’t kill any of the vibes. Enjoying a few songs from the old Pendulum where it all somewhat started for me. Very impressed.

After Pendulum it was grandmaster Doctor P. preparing himself behind the decks. Seen him perform a few times before but he didn’t really do the trick for me, wasn’t impressed. I’m kind of over his hype and his tunes, plus he kind of spins the same tracks like smaller artists do which I can check out for basically nothing. Seems like he proofed me wrong this time! I was so so so SO wrong. Doctor P. killed it throughout his entire set! It could be that I really needed some dubstep this time of the evening to keep me going but this turned out to be one of my highlights of WAE. Very energetic and (luckily) a small amount of backspins.

Danny: Well. The time has come of my personal favorites acts of tonight. Pendulum with ‘MC Verse’ and the one and only Doctor P together with ‘Krafty MC’. I was waiting for this to go crazy myself. No time to hang around anymore. Time for the fence to get torn apart.

Pendulum starts with ‘Blood Sugar’. And helllooooo, the whole room knows this tuna and sings a long with the lyrics from this one. Energetic, no time to breathe or even take a sip of your drink. Just dance, skank and go crazy this hour. Last time I saw Pendulum at ‘Resist’ it was one big party and they do it again this time! ‘Verse’ is doing his job very well and shuts up when he needs to. He is getting the crowd even more active because he cannot stand still for a minute himself. The front row is getting pleased with bottles of water since they look kinda thirsty due to the unstoppable skanking. At the end he is dropping some trap tunes. But the crowd didn’t like that really much so he ended with ‘Hold Your Color’ and ‘Witchcraft’. What a party, what a set. Pendulum, I love you.

During the set of Doctor P we got hungry for ‘shishkabob’ so we went searching for it. During our quest we weren’t able to find this tasty meal so we ended up with a slice of Pepperoni and Margharita Pizza.
We only had a few bites to go when we suddenly hear one of the most well-known video games ever…
It’s ‘Tetris’. We nearly jumped over our table and did a kamikaze run towards the front row. FACK!
Doctor P is always a pleasure, for your ears and also to train your ability to skank.
His own tracks did it for the best if I must say. Those ‘P-sounds’ are sounds only he can do the best.
His new track ‘Going Gorillas’ was a crazy track to hear at first at his page but this track live… It was a zoo out there!
Not only a zoo, it was also a ‘Circus‘ out there..

Lars: And speaking of highlights, the man I’ve been looking forward to all night. The one reason why I came to We Are Electric. The moment was finally there. Fifteen minutes before Doctor P. finished his set we set way for the Ecstatic room again to go and see De Sluwe Vos. The second you set foot in that room, it just seemed like you entered a whole different party, defenitly a weird moment. From all the bass violence I just experienced to the sophisticated techno I am in now. Strange. And I bet that I don’t have to explain that if you like this music, you would find this amazing. The music was a real treat for your ears and the atmosphere was even better.

Sluwe Vos his set came to an end and so was the energy almost completely sucked out of me and all the people around me. The final dances were being pulled of and the last tokens had to be spend. People grouping up siting against a wall looking completely exhausted like they had given their everything. People started questioning where to go now that We Are Electric came to an end because after parties is an old habit the true party goers won’t let go of.

Danny: During Doctor P Kaj was witnessing the Ecstatic stage and he told me afterwards: ‘As the night ended the music did not. As the last in line for the whole night De Sluwe Vos took over Ecstatic stage with an amazing set of Deep house/Techno. Huge remixes were not the key to success it was giving the last crowd that euphoric high to see them through the morning. After witnessing his set from the balcony you could see the overly famous “Konijntjesdans” being performed. The one thing that did stand out the whole night and wasn’t any different with Mr. Vos. Mr Oizoflat beat” was the remix for many DJ’s tonight. As if all the DJ’s had an agreement to bring back this track to his prime.

Kaj: For me this night was a rollercoaster ride through many different styles and I will promise that with the next We Are Electric you will not be disappointed. So if you like Electric music (doesn’t matter which style) buy that ticket and prepare for a mesmerizing night of dancing.’

Lars: Overall an amazing party with amazing music and a great atmosphere. Not had any troubles what so ever and I can honestly say this is one of the best nights I had until now (and that says a lot these days). We Are Electric, till Paaspop 2015!

Danny: Well, We Are Electric, we came, we saw, we are all electronic music.
Thank you once again and we would love to see you next time! Paaspop 2015 say whut?

Quotes from some of the visitors:
Hayk: 'Where are the lasers?'
Maud: 'Damn, those pizza slices are tasty!'
Jasper: 'Klem between the crowd; Noisia, UZ, Pendulum and Doctor P killed it.'
Michael: 'This concept is steady as a rock but it can get more flamboyant.'
James: 'Hmmmmhhh. Pizzaaaaa.'
Ruben: 'One big blur.'
Thierry: 'What a crazy night!'
Lars: 'Open with Blood Sugar, open with Blood Sugar.. open wi... YEAAAAAAAH'
Random chick: 'Can I hold on to you for a minute? I danced so hard, my sock has moved to the front of my shoe...'

Rating (1/10):

Concept: 7,8
Sound: 6,4
Artists: 6,9
MC’s: 5,5
Lights/Visuals: 5,4
Location: 9,1
Accessibility: 8,8
Facilities: 7,6
Security: 7,6
Atmosphere: 8.2

Overall Rating: 7,4


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