Danny van Bogget

Danny van Bogget

Danny van Bogget
Birth name
Danny van Bogget
14 September 1989

▾ CEO/Founder: All Electronic Music
▾ Promotions Manager: Nouveau Rave
▾ Main contact: 50HURTZ

Born in Someren-Eind, raised in Someren…
For the ones that haven’t got a clue where this is located, it’s at the end of the world to the left and than straight ahead!
Nah, actually it’s all the way in the south of the Netherlands, where Danny has spent most of his life. He found himself a nice apartment in Eindhoven that got renamed to the “All Electronic Music – Headquarters”.

This four-eyed guy started his career the moment he got asked to be a online and offline promoter for, back in the days, the biggest Dubstep rave of the Netherlands called Resist.
While doing this promotion for Resist, he has met a bunch of awesome people, together with many different organizations. He also met quite alot DJ’s / producers and most of them are now a part of “AEM”. During his time as a promoter for Resist, Danny had an idea brewing around events, music, promotion and everything related. Not too long after, “All Electronic Music” was born!

It all started with a small amount of friends in a Facebook-Group that shared their favorite tracks with each other, constantly adding more and more people.
Now it has become a group of almost 3 200 people and it is getting bigger and bigger, day after day!

“All Electronic Music” now has it’s own events, official bus-trips to events all over Europe, event reports including photos and most importantly; a huge group of fans!

Danny is proud of what his idea, has grown into already and yet he realizes that this is only the beginning..

“A big thanks to EVERYONE supporting AEM! Big ups to all of you!”

xoxo Danny.

Phone: +31 6 142 56 321
Personal: Facebook | InstagramLinkedIn
Mail: danny@allelectronicmusic.com