Hajo Krijger

Hajo Krijger

Hajo Krijger
Birth name
Hajo Krijger
21 October 1995

Son of the non-legendary experimental electronic producer Allard Krijger (FRAKnoise), Hajo Krijger was born in Eindhoven at the dawn of autumn, before being deported to Helmond. Because of his fathers musical background Hajo knows his way around a variety of DAW’s, analog synthesizers and a fair share of musical instruments. He plays the harp, guitar, bass, keys and a handful of other instruments. From time to time he’ll put some experimental electronic tunes together in Ableton and gets laughed at by his mates.

When asked to comment on his musical expeditions he responded: “Jesus H. Christ, man. I thought I was done with these biased fucking questions after high school. I did indeed play the harp but I don’t know shit about it. I just did it for the weekends that put me in a concert hall with hundreds of women while I was the only male specimen!” …Good for him. Now he should teach himself a real instrument.

Dragged into AEM by Michael Janiec (‘Hey dude, free tickets to this venue if you write something short’ ‘Sure’), Hajo noticed that writing reports for events was something he very much enjoyed, and that it was one of his -many- talents. With a sharp tongue, a healthy dose of humor (debatable) and one of the tightest jawlines you’ll ever see he heads into the fray, accompanied by his notebook and leaky pens.

He’s had interviews with Phace, Mefjus, Secret Cinema, The Acid Junkies and others, and for AEM he will write reports, do interviews and basically bend over for everything Danny has to offer.

When he joined the crew he stated : “Huh, are you going to publish my biography now? Please be gentle with the picture, and I hope that you don’t get some weirdo to type it.” Guess what we did, jackass.