Ruben van Leusden

Ruben van Leusden

Ruben van Leusden
Birth name
Ruben van Leusden
06 January 1995

Let’s just dive straight into it, shall we?
As you may have noticed; I am URSUS. Better known as “Bear”, “Teddybear” or with my official name; Ruben van Leusden.
But you may call me however you’d like to… Everything fits!
I was born and raised (for a while..) in the middle of ‘the lands of Nether’, in a town called Maarssen-Broek.

By the time I reached puberty my parents decided to move to the south of our little country, to a small place somewhere beneath Eindhoven that goes by the name Someren.  After making some new friends, including Danny. I started to visit Dubstep events and not that long after my first visit I discovered the deeper, darker and (most of all!) heavier side of (Bass-)music.

Exploring this wonderful world and meeting up with more and more music enthusiasts, I never actually thought about making music myself… Until not so long ago.. (Begin 2013, approximately)
The moment I came home after I got invited by Maddie to come over and maybe learn a few things about music production and DJ’ing, I found out I could release certain emotions through music.. So now here I am; Spending most of my time inside my DAW to constantly learn everything about sound and experiment with music to find my own sound!

While starting to learn music production I slowly started to help out Danny with creating and supporting All Electronic Music and soon enough became a full member of the AEM Crew!

As of today, I support AEM on the background with various tasks, including (but not limited to) moderating the ever expanding Facebook Group and I am happy to be able to entitle myself as a resident DJ for the All Electronic Music events!

And they all lived an happily ever after….. Ha!
Don’t forget to check out my page on Facebook where I share most of my music, gigs and all sorts of nonsense that might also interest you..
Or for a full overview of what I’ve been up to lately, you could visit; ór
Cheers cheers bruh-bruv-m808’s, cya’ll soon at wherever you might bump into me!

Don’t hesitate to say hi, I promise I won’t bite.