▼ with WONKAP

▼ with WONKAP

“A gig at Red Rocks (CO), a collab with Excision and sharing the stage with Datsik. I’ve completed one bucket list goal. Two to go!”

Interview by: Danny Core.

Let’s reintroduce Diego Goossens. Better known as Wonkap! You might have missed his music in the past 3 years. Since this Belgian artist from Vorselaar was ‘out of the run’ he didn’t made any new tunes. Until last year! He’s back on track and in a very, very good way. With the vocal help from MC Mayor Apeshit, known from tracks of Excision and Downlink, and Warpaint Records for the release, his fresh new track ‘Matrix Glitch‘ is up in the clouds since November 15th. If you like those filthy, wobbly robot sounds from the good old glory days, you’ll definitely go ham on this one!
We had a funny, interesting talk with this guy at the AEM HQ. Time to get back on track and surprise the world with your sounds Wonkap. Over here in the Netherlands, you’ll have our full support! #bringbackthewobble!

Let’s start of with a personal question right away. What the HELL have you done with all that time in
between the dates of your last releases?
Haha, I knew this question was coming. Are you ready for a little story?
Back in the days (talking about 2010 – 2012) I was continuously playing in different countries. I was 17 years old when it all started and was still going to high school. I remember leaving the classroom early to catch a plane while the rest of the students obviously had to stay in class, this was almost a weekly thing for me. Things were going amazingly well, I was making music 24/7, had a huge amount of shows to play, playing almost every week a few gigs in foreign countries, with booking requests in the USA, actually I was kinda having a dream-life being that age.

But then… I remember being 18 or 19 and trying cannabis for the first time. I started smoking weed and obviously the drinking game as a deejay was not the most wise and healthy decision… Playing every weekend, doing long hours without any sleep… Yeah, you only live once, right?

At a morning when I was walking towards school I suddenly felt very unreal and super tired, this must’ve been an obvious sign of my ‘hard touring and playing gigs’ life. Well, no worries… I’ll get better tomorrow, when I catch some sleep. Waking up the next morning with the same symptoms, few days later… same symptoms, 2 months later… same symptoms… 5 years later? Well… U guess right, the same exact symptoms… well kinda… only with an extra foggy feeling in my head, concentration problems, OCD issues, lack of inspiration and panic attacks. Yup, there it was… fully blown anxiety together with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Waking up at nights with the feeling of getting a heart attack was at a certain point a regular thing and this combined with hotel rooms in foreign countries was not a cool ride to have on your own. It was a pain, a bitch and an amazingly tough experience to go through.

I’ve started to take it more easy and started working on myself. Less drinking and no more cannabis at all, took a little distance from making music, because all of those things were killing my inspiration & creativity. Now I’m happy to say that those panic attacks are gone, my OCD is at a really low level, but I’m still constantly suffering from different symptoms. For me this was all a part of acceptance and going on with my life, the more I can distract from all those problems the better I feel and the more energetic I get.

Lately I’ve been working on new tracks, been spending more time in the studio again, started studying audio engineering at the university in Utrecht (Sound Education) and getting my A-game on again! So prepare to see me again at different clubs/festivals and with new releases!

But you still performed on stage right?

Oh hell yeah, and I will keep on performing the crap out of it!

What and when was the BEST gig you’ve ever done?

To be honest I’ve had quite a few good shows, always loved playing Skankerz and obviously 50HURTZ! But a really great show was in Portugal. I remember taking the plane from another foreign country to Lisbon. I arrived there and the first thing the promoter did was taking me to a jazz club. So before the show we went to there to have a few drinks, then took a cab and arrived at the venue where I was playing. Apparently the
day before my show Steve Aoki was playing that club. There was a queue outside of approximately 500 people, while the venue was already packed. It was a huuuuuge club with an amazing sound system and knowing the place was normally packed with a lot of superstar DJ’s it was awesome playing on that spot.

And the worst?

I once had a last minute booking in Budapest, probably because there was another artist canceled for their show. I arrived there and there were literally 4 people sitting on a chair, watching me play. It looked like a show for American Idol but then without the crowd… Well, kinda funny to think about it right now though!

You were pretty close with Eptic during the days he became world famous, right?

Well, Michael is a great guy. I remember back in the days playing weekly shows with him. He kinda started off at the same time as I did, but the amount of energy he put into all of his productions and such are enormous. I guess I was more of a guy that also liked to lay back and produce music on a more chilled-out base, whenever I felt like it. Sometimes I do think about pushing it harder, but I want to keep the energy for that ‘one’ special track… Quality over quantity, right?

So, you’ve chosen for a ‘normal’ life in stead of an artist life?

Helllll no! I wouldn’t trade the artist life for a regular life, at all… But, I would take it a lot easier, take my own time and won’t rush a thing. But, I’ll keep the grind on!

If you had one last show EVER, where and what will it be like?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado (USA) for sure! That place looks sick… It’s an open-air venue with a Rocky Mountain feel. All the biggest bands and deejays in the world had shows there too. So it’s definitely a bucket-list thing.

Bassnectar Red Rocks

Same goes for a collaboration. You can only choose ONE artist to make a new track with. Who will it be and why?
Excision, definitely! This guy is so amazing. He was one of the guys that brought me into this whole bass kinda thing. His sound design is massive, his sets are amazing, and… he actually looks like a cool guy to hang out with!

Besides dubstep and other bass related music. Are there any other music genres you like as well?
Oh yessss, the first genres I started listening to was Punk Rock & Metal. Bands like Bad Religion, NOFXMillencolin, No Use For A NameMetallica and Slipknot… after that I’ve had those A Day To Remember and Alexisonfire times. Aaaand, I’ve been to a concert of Birdy a few months ago *blush emoticon*! So yeah, there’s still a lot of different genres in my blood.

Your all time favorite artist?
I’d still keep it at Excision I think!

Your all time favorite track?
Oooh you ask me something… This is a tough one. I don’t have an all-time-favorite track I think. Something from Simon & Garfunkel maybe? Hehe… Well a track I’ve been playing a lot since it’s been released is “Foreign Beggars & Noisia – Contact”. But lately I’ve been really digging Torqux‘s new EP. His track “Panda Punch” is an absolute monster.

Why did you choose to make and produce dubstep mainly?

Because I just loved the flow of this kind of music. I remember discovering this genre and I just couldn’t stand/sit still… There is just no other electronic genre for me that gives so much energy. Absoluuuutely love it. Oh and btw, dubstep is dead. #kidding

While making music, is there anything you get your inspiration from?
Listening to any kind of genre can give me inspirations, or just something I hear on the television, or if I’m at a party and I hear a track with a super cool sample that I could maybe use gives me some ideas. With this been said, I try to keep my ears wide open everyday, and if I catch a good idea (even if it’s a bird on a tree making some funny noises) I’ll keep it in mind.

Besides making music and performing on stage, what do you do in your spare time?
I used to be a skateboarder, so I’ve been doing that for like 10 years straight. Sometimes I take my board, but too bad it’s been a while ago… Uhm.. I love going out to the bar with some friends for a couple of drinks (definitely when they have a different amount of Belgian beers). And I’m in love with cooking, so that is something that I use as a relaxation therapy I guess! Maybe I should just do a live cooking & deejaying set or something, haha.
P.S.: If you guys at AEM hq are hungry, just give me a shout!

Do you believe in the afterlife?

If you mean with the afterlife as transforming into a rotten-tomato-plant or a skeleton that can be used later in some medical schools and classes? Yes!

IF the afterlife exists, how would you like to return on planet Earth?

I would return as Harambe and haunt the guy who killed me for the rest of his life, to then die again and haunt him in his afterlife. Or something like that… *evil-laugh*

Is there anything you would like to say to Holland?
Thanks for the oliebollen & appelflappen, they’re amazing. Oh, and also thanks for being such an amazing crowd. Can’t wait to play in Holland again and make you all shake your ass offffff. You guyz & girlz are awesome !

Any other news we should look out for?
Well, actually yes! Syndaesia and I are working on a track that will be released soon. We’re combining a bit of riddim with a bit of robotic laser sounds. While making this new tune together in the studio, we were making different sounds alternately. Actually it became sort of a competition who can make the sickest sounds. We could have named the track ‘Wonkap vs. Syndaesia’ haha.

Datsik foto

Aaand, last but most definite NOT least.. Within 2 weeks, I’ll be playing in Prague with Datsik as 2nd headliner! He is also one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to dubstep. And damn, that I’m incredibly looking forward to! I guess this will be my 7th time playing in Prague and the amount of energy from the crowd amazes me every time. That’s why the dubstep scene is bombastic over there. After my gig in the Storm Club in Prague it’s almost time to get my next flight to play in Budapest, Hungary. I’m the headliner at a gig in the center called ‘The Dubstep Story‘. The venue will be a large outdoor square with a ruins like setting. The parties there are always perfectly fine and the lager is definitely getting cold already! Sooo, off to Eastern Europe I’d say!

Thank you for your time Diego! Hopefully 2017 brings you lots of good things and you’ll get rediscovered again because there aren’t many people that are like you. I’m so glad we’ve met each other at ‘Dubstep Wednesdays‘ in Praque. We wish you all the best and again, you’ve got our full support!

xoxo Danny.