▼ Outer Bass

▼ Outer Bass

AEM outerbass

Sooo, another wicked party from All Electronic Music.
This time we’re going Outer Bass!


22:00 – 23:00 Issho (Clownsville)
23:00 – 00:00 Antideus b2b Ibbenz (RocketFuel & BassForBreakfast)
00:00 – 01:00 BLVCK (Pyramyth)
01:00 – 02:00 Muzzy (Monstercat)
02:00 – 03:00 Lucash b2b Trollface (FISSΔ)
03:00 – 04:00 special Trollface set (FISSΔ)

Hosted by: MC Loudly. (SickOnSundays)
Visuals by: Afterglow.


22:00 – 22:50 Spxxk
22:50 – 23:40 Tobin Bradstreet
23:40 – 00:30 CinaZ b2b Pattern
00:30 – 01:20 Mr Emptyhead
01:20 – 02:10 Pattern b2b CinaZ
02:10 – 03:00 Dread Pitt
03:00 – 03:30 After chillings w/ TaDDa
03:30 – 04:00 Destroy OUTER BASS STAGE


* Liquid Drum and Bass

Antideus b2b Ibbenz.
* Deep Bass


* Trap

* Electro / Drum and Bass

Lucash b2b Trollface.
* Dubstep / Drum and Bass / Juke / Footwork / Trap / Crossbreed



MC Loudly.



* Deephouse, Tech House

Tobin Bradstreet.
* Progressive House, Techno

* Bass Music, Future Garage

Mr Emptyhead
* Liquid/Lounge Drum and Bass

* Grime, Garage, UK House, Techno, Minimal

Dread Pitt.
* Trap, Hip Hop


16+ but keep in mind only 18+ may drink alcohol.

Tickets available at All Electronic Music page, allelectronicmusic.com, Dynamo website or Primera shop.

€10,00 PRE-SALE


“This time we’re going Outer Bass!”
The slogan of our next party. Elmar van Eijk did a review of our second party.
He also asked some of the artists a couple of interesting questions.

Elmar: Ah, finally! It’s time for another AEM event. I have never felt so connected to such a big group full of wonderful and amazing people, since the moment AEM was formed not even 2 years ago as an open group for our group of friends to share music in. Not long after that, because of the connections of the CEO and founder of AEM, they were giving away free tickets for all sorts of parties in exchange of (online) promotion. Shortly after, they even began organising a party! The AEM Kick-off was a tremendous succes. The Dynamo was filled to the brim and everyone inside the venue loved it to bits.

Now, they return with a second edition, and this time we went outer bass! They had their residents right back up there killing it from the very first hours, and some amazing names to go with them. For this edition, they had flew over none other than ‘Monstercat’ label Muzzy from the United Kingdom to destroy the party with a massive set. And as a massive birthday present to Danny to thank him for everything he’s done for the crowd, his closest friends secretly got Karimooo booked to get the visitors totally crazy for the last hour of the night.

But lets start at the beginning of this wonderful journey through every possible breakbeat subgenre, with one of my closest friends Issho (also known as Madster) opening the night with a Liquid Drum ‘n Bass set. Beforehand I gave the man a quick interview as I’ve done with all the performing artists tonight, and I had the privilege of talking to every single one of the artists! So get prepared for some really fun answers from some really great people!

First stop: Liquid Issho.

Elmar (E): Well, Maddie, lets just kick right in with the most important question of all: What do you put on your sandwich for breakfast?
Issho (I): Peanut butter with ”schuddebuikjes”. Best combo ever. Everyone should at least have tried that once.?
E: What are your stopwords?
I: Dus (Meaning “so”)E: What do you like about the Netherlands?
I: Boerenkoolstamp and stroopwafels. Oh and my friends and family live in this country too which is convenient.E: Whats the greatest life lesson you’ve learned?
I: Keep positive people close to you and stay away from negativity and negative people.E: On which track do you absolutely lose it?
I: Suicide Bassline by Mefjus.

What does your mom cook best?
I: Everything. She’s the best cook ever.E: Do you have any kinds of rituals during a day or week?
I: I don’t actually. I work at an office during the week and make some music in my spare time. Pretty boring really.E: Whats your most annoying attribute?
I: I tend to be really late at replying to messages on Facebook or Whatsapp. I’m sorry.E: And the best attribute?
I: I love to help everyone with everything.E: Describe the woman of your dreams?
I: Looks-wise she is a mix of Mila Kunis, Megan Fox and Gemma Arterton. She must at least love classical music, hate EDM and love alpaca’s and art. Intelligence is attractive as well.E: Whats your guilty pleasure?
I: I’m a huge rollercoaster nerd and I’m secretly in love with Japan and its culture. Yay anime! No I don’t cosplay.E: What would you tell raving Holland and the readers of this interview?
I: Don’t do drugs. I really mean that. Other than that, keep on raving! Thanks to you dnb keeps growing.E: What would you like your legacy to be?
I: Music people can enjoy.In his set, he also plays his phenomenal new tune ‘A Different Time’ that I witnessed him create a few weeks ago. It’s by far one of the most beautiful liquid tunes I’ve heard in my life and if he keeps up this level of production, we will no doubt witness him rise to the top! Tracks also included in his diverse liquid set are the ‘Contra Bootleg’ and ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack, the ‘Technimatic Remix’ of Gold by Bondax, ‘Give It Up’ by Etherwood, and another one of his own creations ‘Miss Ali VIP’. It is just a great set to open the night with some really amazing vibes in it.

The second act of the night consists of Ibbenz and another one of my close friends, Antideus (who will by the way soon change his artist name to URSUS so keep an eye on that), helping us get our skank on with a proper old school Dubstep set, one which they’ve played more often at several gigs and I’ve always enjoyed to bits.

Ibbenz is throwing classics like ‘Dutch Flowers’ by Skream as we speak. Antideus is putting a high amount of ‘Innamind Records’ in this set, featuring tunes by LAS, Gantz and Mikael. His Tosti dubplates are also going strong in this one. Ibbenz is paving the way in a great classic Deep Dubstep set by these two deepheads and him and Antideus are both walking it in great fashion. This is what these great DJ’s had to tell me after their set:

Second stop: Deepheads Antideus and Ibbenz.

E: What’s fun about DJ-ing with the other?
Ibbenz (I): Seeing each other. There’s a certain climax about it.
Antideus (A): I agree. I’m always bouncing on stage because he rages me on.

E: What’s the other’s worst character flaw?
I: I won’t answer that. No negativity towards anybody!
A: I rest my case.

E: What’s the other’s best characteristic?
A: The same I got!
I: Yeah, that! Pure passion and love for the music.

E: Which one of you has the best taste in music?

E: What would you like to tell raving Holland and the readers of this interview?
A: Till next time! Whether that be in the party area or backstage.
I: Keep it up! Support the underground artists. Sharing is caring!
A: I’d like to add, support yourself too!

E: What are your last famous words?
I: Karabagoya, chase your dreams.
A: Dexter (Ibbenz) is cool! Give yourself a kiss. Thanks for all the support you guys give me and Dex!

Next up is some proper trap in the form of BLVCK. Not everybody loves trap the way we at AEM do but this guy sure knows how to play the crowd with his mean track selection. A selection of tunes played by the self proclaimed ruler of the underworld are Gameface’s ‘Babylon’, Hucci’s ‘Vanish’ and his own tune ‘The Return’. I also had a quick chat with the man backstage and here’s what he had to say:

Third stop: Trappy BLVCK.

E: Hey man! What’s your favourite own production?
BLVCK (B): It’s Xanax for sure. It’s my favourite folklore in there.

E: When did you first produce anything?
(B): It was a year and a half ago.

E: Why did you produce it?
(B): Because I felt it sounded awesome and I just wanted to make it.

E: What drives you in life?
(B): The dark vibes. Keeps me sharp

E: What would you like to tell raving Holland?
(B): Stay underground, and stay dark.

E: Last famous words?
(B): Huffa! And Steve-O

But wait, what’s that? We call Danny on stage to present him the birthday present we got him with the AEM Family, but what is it?
Is it an airplane? Is it a bird? Is it a zeppelin? No! It’s motherfucking Karimooo!!!!
Right when BLVCK plays Uppers by Stooki Sound, we reveal to Danny the most well deserved present he’s ever gotten. After all the things he did for us, we gave him his favourite DJ as a present, and here’s what the flabbergasted Danny had to comment on it:

“I was absolutely flabbergasted at first and didnt know what I had to say at all when I got called on stage. The fact that the Rasta Demon was on stage all of a sudden…
All the way from Amsterdam and that you guys had made that possible for me without me knowing anything at all… Beautiful. I cant say how much I loved it and how grateful I am to you guys.”

On top of all this, Karimooo gave him a new Resist Crew shirt, AND a Resist 4 tee with lineup included, with a card from the most inspiring guys he know at Headfirst AND a huge bottle of Vodka. His night started off perfect. At 3 o’clock it was destruction time. And destroyed we were! DEATH SQUAAAAAAAAAAAD.
Mission accomplished!
Before The crowd will be destructed by the massive Karimooo, they await another death blabla by decibels by the one and only monstrous Muzzy, all the way from the UK for tonight! Before his set I sat down with the man and had a fun chat with him, which resulted in the following fun read:

Fourth stop: Electronic Muzzy.

Hey man, great you could make it to our show! AEM honoured to have you. So tell me, how was the flight to Holland and how was your reception?
Muzzy (M): The flight was good. Really quick, too. Holland is an amazing country. Still haven’t seen everything but I hope to see Amsterdam. It really is a beautiful and cool country.

E: When did you first start playing electronic music?
M: I started making it about 7/8 years ago. Started DJ-ing 3 years ago, when it was still just in the UK. Now I’m all over the globe.

E: What are your biggest examples in life?
M: A tough one. Main people are Rob Swire, Deadmau5 and just people in the drum n bass scene. The entire scene inspires me!

E: What’s your favourite movie and why?
M: It’s a weird one, because normally I don’t like depressing films. It’s ‘Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’. Very impressive.

E: When was the last time you were so ill you stayed home for weeks?
M: After tonight, probably!

E: Did your mom ever catch you doing anything to yourself god forbid you to?
M: Eeeeehmm… Yeah! She caught me making this neurofunk tune, it was SO hideous that I had to switch to porn because it was easier to explain!

E: Why did you make a trap song with drum n bass instead of the usual drum n bass madness in your new tune Insignia?
M: Well, it was originally a ‘regular’ drum n bass tune. I acidentally removed the drums one time and I was like shit man, it works! The intention wasn’t there but I kept it that way.

E: What would you like to say about AEM?
M: Everyone here is really cool, everybody treated me really well, too. I would definitely play another tune here! Big ups to Danny, big ups to Trollface who is killing it in the main room right now. Big ups to everyone who is involved!

E: What would you like to tell raving Holland?
M: You missed out big time if you didn’t come to this event! Stop wanking at home and come to a Muzzy party! There ain’t no party like a Muzzy party!

E: What are your last famous words?
M: Sausages, eggs, bacon and nipples.

Everybody here is beyond stoked for his set, and he starts it off big. I wasn’t really that much into Monstercat releases a few weeks ago but I’ve really discovered the greatness of it. Don’t know too many tracks by name though. It’s a massive Drum ‘n Bass set and people are really losing it on the dance floor now. Among the tracks played are ‘Kingdom’ by Spor, ‘Get Stupid’ by Destroid, his live (first time played live) VIP of ‘Insignia’, and the track I’ve been told he’s been playing literally ALL saturday long because he can’t get enough of it: Knife Party’s new massive tune ‘Boss Mode’.

Meanwhile, in the foyer, there’s also some great easy going music. The organisation made sure there’s loads of enjoyable music for people chilling out in the dancefloor by talented DJ’s such as Pattern, Mr. Emptyhead and Tobin Bradstreet. The atmosphere is great in every corner of Dynamo tonight, from the smoking room to the dancefloor to the backstage to the foyer. There’s even laughs and jokes at the restroom!

Back to Muzzy, who is just absolutely killing it. I hear another Spor track in the form of the man’s remix of ‘Stompbox’ by The Qemists. What a set. What a guy. What a party. What a night. Love.

Another two of my friends are up after this, and with them, too, I sat down for a chat, hearing them out about each other. What evolved was probably the funniest interview I’ve done so far. Read it for yourself!

Fifth stop: Fissa starters Trollface and Lucash.

E: Hey guys! So tell me, what’s fun about DJ-ing with the other?
Trollface (T): It’s fun to see our styles merge together, as Lucash is more into the deeper and more original dubstep sound, and I’m more into the louder variant and Drum and Bass.
Lucash (L): The fun thing about DJ-ing with Trollface is the constant sort of battle that we have going on behind the decks. I’m always trying to impres both Jeroen (Trollface) and the crowd with the next tune I’m dropping, take the mix to a higher level with every track that is dropped!

E: Did any of your gigs together ever go horribly wrong?
T: Haha, yes. One went terribly wrong. We were both very, very drunk off our asses and neither of us knew what we were doing.
L: Not really horribly wrong other than bookings in these typical house-clubs where a normal clubbing audience goes to. The crowd just wants top 40 or house-music. I remember a gig in 2012 when we played in Goes, Zeeland. Jeroen got an icecube thrown in his face!

E: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced on stage while DJ-ing with the other?
L: Same gig as mentioned before in Goes. Some 50-year old was poledancing during our set, was quite hilarious!
T: That one time they asked Lucash if he was Trollface, still cracks me up.

E: Which one of you has the best style?
L: Obviously Trollface with the moustache-swagger. Music wise -> me of course.
T: I do indeed, Lucash looks like a dirty hobo who’s been fed by ebola infected rats for a while.

E: Which one of you has the worst morning temper?
T: Also Lucash! I remember our gig in England where he was getting some rest while a friend of ours and I were being very annoying and drunk. He did not appreciate it, not a single bit.
L: Well I’m not sure, but if you say so! To be honest everytime I woke up in the same room as Trollface we were both hungover as fuck so never really paid attention to it.

E: What would you like to say about AEM and this party?
L: I like the venue and the fact that most of the people know eachother. AEM looks like a decent community!
T: AEM is a great group and I’m glad that I’m part of the AEM team. The parties are also great, the crowd really responds well to our music, which makes it fun to play there.

E: Which one of you is the healthiest?
T: I don’t think that I’m the one to answer this question… Or is it healthy to batter my Oreo’s in Chocolate Chip Cookie crumbs, deep fry them together with a pizza slice and top them off with a mix of Barbecue Sauce and lard?
Since I’m working out and play a lot of sports I think I am safe to say that I must be the healthiest!

E: Would you turn to playing big room house for the rest of your life to save the other’s life?
L: Sure if that means I’ll still play b2b with Trollface!
If those people would give me the same amount of money Martin Garrix is making hell fucking yes I would.

E: What would you like to say to the other if it were the last thing you could ever say to him?
L: Cheers for the good times brother, we made awesome memories together!
Hey jij bent toch Trollface? (Hey, aren’t you Trollface? – it’s the Dutch line spoken to Lucash one day that everybody in and around the AEM community still uses all the time)

E: What are your last famous words?
L: Captain Morgan.
Stay Beard.

So after this great interview it’s time for them to make the crowd get their skank on, and they do so emphatically! They really mix it up in their set, playing Trap and Dubstep and god knows what else. ‘Chimes’ by Hudson Mohawke is played, but also ‘Massive’ by Emalkay and ‘Ginger Pubes’ by Cookie Monsta. And like every other time these friends have taken the stage together, they play a great and massive set.

This edition of the AEM events is every bit as good as the first one. Nothing but love for the music and a sense of bonding going on right here. I asked some people their thoughts on tonight and here’s a selection of the quotes:

“Great athmosphere, great dj’s and wonderful people! It is an amazing party!”
“I was properly ill at the beginning of the party but the party sure does make me feel better!”
“The atmosphere is chill, the music is awesome and the people are chill!”
“I am wasted and just embarrased myself in a conversation with Muzzy. Sounds like a great night to me!”
“It’s a night with a lot of variation in the music played. Really loved the set Muzzy just dropped, the atmosphere is just great!”
“The atmosphere is even better than at the last SAW and the music is beyond amazing”

Well, Karimooo is up next, B2B with Trollface for the first half hour, and this is the point when we are absolutely ripped a new one. Track listing is absolutely breathtaking right now. I don’t even know half the tunes they are playing together but it’s a deadly Blitzkrieg of massive Drum ‘n Bass tunes and NOBODY in the audience is standing still anymore. Even the bar staff is losing it right now as it seems! Karimooo and Trollface are battling it out big time and it only gets heavier and heavier.
I had the chance of asking Karimooo a few questions too and here’s what the Rasta Demon had to tell me:

Sixth stop: Destructive Karimooo.

E: Hey Karim, thanks for having this interview with me, man! To start, what do you have to say about AEM?
Karimooo (K): Well, big up to AEM for for having me as a surprise set at their party some weeks ago! Had a blast!E: Whats your biggest musical example?
K: Uhmm got many, but one of them is The Gaslamp Killer for sure, I admire how he gives it all in his sets and bringing all kinds of really great music to the people.E: What do you order when you go to McDonalds drunk out of your mind?
K: I don’t go to McDonald’s very often, but when I do, I’d love a Quarter Pounder.E: How did u start DJ-ing?
K: When I started in the ‘VAgE gASTEN collective’, some of the crew-members were DJ’s. I always gave the music I listened to to my friends to hear it, so at one point I thought hey, why not learn to DJ so I could give more people the music I enjoy.

E: Whats your worst experience ever as a DJ?
K: When I lost the plug for my headphones and had to find one in less than 15 minutes. Luckily somebody had one for me to borrow.

E: Whats your favourite movie and why?
K: One of my favourite movies is Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. I can watch that movie over and over and it doesn’t bore me one bit.
I can really enjoy gangster movies, I think it’s one of my favourite genres, and this one gives the genre that extra rush. With the fast editing, Hooligan-like feel, London accents, crazy characters and really funny dialoges.

E: What would you like to tell raving Holland and the readers of this interview?
K: Do what you love to do and be the best in it.

Time for the final half hour of the party and it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Half an hour of pure, Karimooo carnage! As always, he plays us the original ‘Headroom’ by Audio and people are pushing and skanking and dancing and raving and going wild to this. I hear ‘Asteroids’ by Noisia too, and I think I will suffer cardiac arrest soon if the tunes stay this heavy. Everybody in the building is on the dancefloor right now and Karimooo gives us exactly why AEM has booked him as a surprise gift for Danny. DEATH SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pffffffffffffffffffffff……….. it’s finally 4 o’clock! I am beaten. I am down and out. I have passed on to heaven, but I can hardly imagine it being a better place than Dynamo has been for the past six hours. Rarely have I witnessed such love and togetherness as on the AEM events. Everybody not in the family still feels together with the rest of the audience. Also the music is spot on from start to finish. A great deal of diversity, which is why they’ve named it ALL Electronic Music in the first place. Everybody you will ask will say the same thing: Get your ass over for the next one, which is planned for spring next year! AEM will have quite a few more big surprises up for you guys so you better come!

In the words of Dutch Bass Community owner Douwe: “I thought the AEM party was a fun and enjoyable party. Muzzy’s set killed it. Big up AEM!”




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