▼ Rendezvous with: Mefjus ▼


▼ Rendezvous with: Mefjus ▼

▼ Rendezvous with: Mefjus ▼

We had a interesting talk at SubQuake with the one of the winners of the Drum&Bass Arena awards 2015. In the category; ‘best album’.

Some of these tracks, were among YOUR favorites this year – Suicide Bassline anyone…? Now, a year after the release of Suicide Bassline, Mefjus is not slowing down one bit! Collaborations with Noisia, a dank remix of Ivy Lab’s Sunday Crunk, and the brand new EP called ‘Blitz‘, with PHACE, on Neosignal, which came out yesterday…

More than enough reasons to catch up with Mefjus! It’s time to get to know the man behind the artist!

Our reporters Michael Janiec and Hajo Krijger wrote a nice and very enjoyable story about it!

Read the full story over here!

Danny Core

December 12th, 2015

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