▼ Rendezvous with: Mystic Pulse ▼

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▼ Rendezvous with: Mystic Pulse ▼

▼ Rendezvous with: Mystic Pulse ▼

There’s an upcoming Dutch producer you might have heard about recently.. His name is Mystic Pulse​. What’s the news? He’s playing for the first time at the upcoming Subway Music​ XL9 in Rotterdam!
Besides that, he managed to make an impression by hitting the top-3 in the Juno Records​ Dubstep charts (twice!!) with his first releases on Rasta Vibez​. Not to mention Mystic Pulse’s upcoming collaborations and unreleased tracks; both oozing with potential.

Marijn Nikerk (Mystic Pulse) is a Rotterdam-based producer with a strong liking for Dub, Reggae and Jungle. He got his sound engineering degree at the SAE in Rotterdam two years ago. Since then, he’s been steadily making a name and building a foundation through collaborations and ongoing commitment. We talked with him to get an update on his current plans and future aspirations.

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Danny Core

November 2nd, 2015

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