▼ Report: Subquake ▼

AEM at events

▼ Report: Subquake ▼

▼ Report: Subquake ▼

“The Dubstep and Drum ‘n Bass scene had been quite silent in Tilburg for a reasonable while. SubQuake, one of the most prominent Bass events in the south of the Netherlands had seemingly dissapeared behind a curtain of thick fog.

But then there was a flickering shrine of hope; A new edition of Subquake rose from the ashes in the old 013-stage. The silence has been broken and the fog has most definitely faded away, Subquake returned, and with a line-up that is perfectly balanced between heavy Bass and energy. All together, it seems to be a promising edition.”

We had a rendezvous with Mefjus as well! The interview will be up and running later. So keep an eye out wink emoticon

Written by: Hajo Krijger
Photos by: Luuk Ticheloven (LJT)

Read the full story over here!

Danny Core

December 3rd, 2015

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